Where are ALL these new patients coming from?!?!

Honestly I can’t quite explain it!!!!!

I reviewed all our stats yesterday and the amount of new patients we are seeing is STAGGERING…considering the following!

We have done…


If you have been following my stuff for a little while you will probably know that I am always pushing my inner circle members to have multiple new patient “getting” sources. This is the best way to spread the risk.

So when you consider that we have lost some really big new patient acquisition channels…

It’s pretty telling that we still have a very similar if not more (some weeks) number of new patients through the door!

Here is ALL we are doing…

  • Facebook strategies 
  • Internal referral strategies 
  • Reactivation strategies

ALL VERY ROBUST AND WELL THOUGHT OUT…but still its pretty incredible whats happening. If you haven’t done my New Patient Avalanche Program or read the book…check the links at the bottom!


Here is my two cents on why we are still managing to keep our new patient acquisition up so high despite losing so many marketing avenues !

I think what’s happening is 

  1. Simply put, in times of crisis, most “Beings” become insular. Thats the natural response. In doing so they essentially become “invisible”. This is absolutely key to understand. Right now DO ANYTHING to remain “in front” of people. WE DID THAT SOOOO WELL. Facebook, emails, texts, print etc etc 
  2. We knew how to do a reactivation campaign and “holiday” campaigns and had tested it MANY MANY times prior to the covid lockdown. WE WERE READY and so were my students. THEY ARE DOING RECORDS NOW , because THEY DID THE WORK. Almost all had done my New Patient Avalanche Program where we give you everything you need to do explode your new patients
  3. We did “mutli-step multi media” campaigns in EVERYTHING we did. Meaning , we basically threw the kitchen sink at it. 

In summary the reason that we are WINNING the new patient game right now…is simply that WE ARE EVERYWHERE…

  • In their INBOX.
  • In their MAILBOX
  • In their TEXTS
  • In their FACEBOOK FEEDS 


1) Do everything in your power to GET VISIBLE!

2) Join my entry level membership for $1 and get theses strategies sent to you through the post every month and access to our exclusive facebook members only page and a call with one of my team about your next steps (Usually $147 per month)!

Seriously its $1…it’s a no brainer!

Love and light


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