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Introducing The World's First Chiropractic Training Game

The ultimate training tool for Chiropractic teams

Ryan Rieder introduces "Practice Perfection", the world's first chiropractic training and simulation card game

Ryan Rieder introduces ‘’Practice Perfection’’, the world’s first chiropractic training and simulation card game, an innovative step forward in the effective training of chiropractic teams and front desk staff.

Practice Perfection is a groundbreaking training card game designed specifically to immerse your team in a dynamic learning experience, enabling them to master essential skills while having a blast!

At DC Practice Growth, we understand the importance of a well-trained workforce that are all aligned in providing exceptional care to your patients. That’s why we’ve created a unique and interactive solution that combines the power of gamification with real life chiropractic knowledge, making training sessions both effective and enjoyable.

This game pulls from 10+ years of experience Dr Ryan Rieder gained from running his own 9 practices and managing a team of over 100 staff members. Therefore this is a game for Chiropractors, developed by Chiropractors that creates an environment which will stimulate conversations you never knew needed to happen.

So, what sets "Practice Perfection" apart from other training methods?

Let's dive in!

Discover the 4 card categories


These are common reasons given for not starting care, cancelling care, rescheduling or dropping out etc. When they are regularly role-played and practiced, we learn how to respond correctly in a cool & calm manner. Can you handle the objection?


These are common questions we may regularly get in practice. When they are regularly role-played and practiced, we gain confidence, certainty, efficiency and team alignment. Can you answer the FAQ’s?

Dos and Don’ts

Read the phrase and simply answer, ‘’Yes we do this’’ or ‘’no we don’t do this’’, then discuss if needed! If ‘’yes’’ are you all in agreement, if ‘’no’’ then what is ‘’right’’?


These are situations brought up by patients that bring with them certain opportunities to; book a new patient, offer a referral voucher, book a corporate event, ask for testimonials or reviews and/or to give a gift for a special occasion. Can you seize the opportunity?

Revolutionise Your Training Sessions

Invest in your team's growth and success with ‘Practice Perfection’!

Revolutionise your training sessions, enhance your staff’s skills, and witness the positive impact on patient care. Join the chiropractic practices that have already embraced Practice Perfection and have seen remarkable results. Get started today and embark on an exciting journey of learning and achievement!

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The world's first chiropractic training game

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