It’s NOT the CA’s fault! Who hired them?!

If I had a penny for every time i heard this sentence…

“If only the CA would ‘perform’ then we will be fine”


“It the CA’s fault that all the clients are {insert excuse}”

The amount of chiropractors I speak to that blame someone else in the practice for its underperformance is UNREAL. 

Here is what I know for sure…ITS ALWAYS ABOUT US FIRST!


Here are three things to consider…


There is a well known “philosophy” that almost all successful people live their lives by. 

In summary it is living your life and taking full responsibility for ALL that happens within it! 


Simply starting to understand that it’s our business, our practice and our life and we are the captain of the ship, immediately gives you “power”. The minute you blame justify of deny you have quite literally halved your “ability” to take charge of the situation.

Your practice will always resemble you in some way shape or form – REMEMBER THAT!


You get what you tolerate…. meaning that you “train” people how to treat you. It’s NEVER “their” fault. 

More times than not it was us who set up poor context and or training and or orientation etc in the first place. Its like telling people the rules AFTER THE GAME HAS STARTED.


Who let them on the “bus” anyway? We did, right!

Im not saying that we are supposed to always get it “right”. I mess up ALL THE TIME with hires etc, and yes often someone really does need to “go”. 

But the key is to understand that if your “suffering” through it and in fact the team member is underperforming then why are you “moaning about it”. There is A LOT you can do, with just one option being “termination”. But more importantly DO SOMETHING , anything besides just blame or moan about. There is honestly NO GOOD that can come from that alone.



  • Hire slow, fire fast!
  • Hire, fire and reward according to your core values (you have them right?)
  • Hire “thick skinned people”. This allows you to feel that you can speak to communicate easier without the fear of upsetting them 
  • Tell them you need a “think skinned person” when you hire.
  • Take full responsibility, its always our fault

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