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Talk The Talk: Mastering The Art Of Facilitating Live Events & Workshops

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020

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Any chiropractor (no matter how shy) can get a flood of new patients through talks and events by using the tried and tested strategies taught in the ‘New Patients From Talks' Bootcamp, where you're given the exact marketing, delivery and conversion strategies that helped build me a 7 million-dollar business, and helped hundreds of other practice owners magnetically explode their new patients using this one strategy!

Imagine learning exactly how to repeatedly and predictably get bums on seats, and deliver such a killer talk that people will literally queue up (with their credit card in hand) to book and pay for their appointments!

This is without doubt the most cost effective way to get high quality, high value patients that are pre-educated and pre-motivated to work with you, making “selling” an absolute breeze!

I'm often asked that if I had to lose everything and start all over again, what would I do? Without any hesitation I always answer by saying…TALKS TALKS TALKS and other variations of that.

But you probably already inherently know this, or have actually tried “talks” before! In fact you’ve probably tried “it all” including standing at a screening ALL DAY!

You’ve also probably heard many times about how things like “lunch and learns”, “short talks” and “dinner with doc” events will solve all your problems…! But somehow you never seem to crack that nut…

Inner Circle Winter Mastermind

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th November 2020


The Ryan Rieder Inner Circle Masterminds are an elite collection of like-minded Chiropractors from across the globe, joining for an exclusive two-day event with Ryan and his full team, to discuss and learn tried and tested business and marketing strategies that are working RIGHT NOW in Ryan's own 8 practices, which see 10,000 new patients every year and collect over $7 million dollars.

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