Talks in Your Clinic for External Attendees

Our next segment is talks in your clinic for external attendees. I love these talks. I sometimes get frustrated because I think we just had bigger audience sizes, we could do this so well.

However, the reality is we’ve only got a limited amount of people around our clinics, so this is not something that you can do all the time.

There are four elements to this:

  1. Get people to register- i.e bums in seats. We do this primarily from Facebook.
  2. Getting them to show up- this is very important. Do not assume that once they register, they’re going to show up. I’m going to show you how to have a higher chance of them coming into the clinic and also how to warm them up, so they are more likely to buy when they come in.
  3. Give them value on the day.
  4. Convert attendees into clients.

Getting People to Register

Although we’ll talk about traffic sources later, I want to start by emphasising the importance of giving your talk a very appealing title.

When I really started looking at this world of driving people from online sources into the clinics, I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get people into talks about “Living Your Healthiest Life” and other wellness topics. I was so excited about the opportunity to educate our surrounding areas about what we do in vitalistic chiropractic.

I was going to cover topics such as “7 Essentials to Living Longer”, “Five Keys to Being Your Healthiest”, and “Pregnancy and Chiropractic”. BUT nobody registered.

It was pretty heartbreaking for me. I was excited about getting people in the room who wanted to hear about how to live your healthiest life or how to be more successful as far as your health goes. I was so excited to talk about chiropractic, but nobody wanted to come.

This goes back to some of my other teachings- pain is the doorway to wellness care.

If you look at the billion-dollar industries on this planet, no one does it better than the weight loss industry. They are not advertising how to be healthy, fit and good-looking. They first show you the photo of a sick person who may be obese or diabetic and how that person loses weight, but they start with the pain. They always start with the pain, and the problem, and then agitate that.

I’ve previously talked about the copywriting formula- Problem, Agitate, Solve. And we’ve got another way of looking at it, it doesn’t matter what marketing source you’re talking about, and I don’t even like saying it, but it’s the truth and it’s, “hurt them and heal them”. because no one takes action when you don’t identify the problem first.

What we’re trying to do is sell people on wellness and it’s very difficult. Because people only take action when it’s too painful to just stay where they are. The reality is we love our comfort zones and it’s human nature to only take action when it’s too painful to stay where you are.

So, give them what they want, and then you can educate them as to what they can have over time. This is the miracle of chiropractic. As I mentioned before, B. J. Palmer himself said “Symptoms Sell”.

I also said before that the customer is the hero, we are just the guide. And as badly as I want to fill a room with 20-50 people who want to be there to remove subluxation or restore the arc of life, it just doesn’t work. You can’t get people in the room.

So, we’ve got to sell people what they want, which in this case might be to get them out of excruciating pain. Then we can teach them what they can have later. The customer is the hero.

What we have found is that there are certain tested topics that we use that work very well and others that haven’t worked at all.

Here are some that didn’t work:

  • “Why resolutions don’t work: The Power of Habits”
  • “Getting the Best out of Breastfeeding Workshop”
  • “Surprising Benefits of Therapeutic Massage”

Here’s the thing. If you look at all those subject lines of these talks, they dont really talk to a disease process. So, Im just going to try to shift your mind. I guess out learning from it is that’s its not so much just even talking about a problem. It’s about addressing some type of medical issue.

I know this is opposite to what we focused on in chiropractic, which is that we dont treat disease process. So, I’m just going to try to shift your mind. I guess our learning from it is that it’s not so much just even talking about a problem. It’s about addressing some type of medical issue.

However, you can see the difference when I give you some examples of the highest response rates for topics we’ve done. For example, “Manage Back Pain and Sciatica Safely and Effectively.”

Examples of this include:

  • “Manage Back Pain and Sciaticfa Safely and Effectively”
  • How to manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!”
  • How to manage Fibromyalgia safelyly and effectively!”
  • “Safe and Effective Ways to Manage the symptoms of Autism”
  • “Managing the symtoms of ADHD and Dyslexia effectively”
  • “How Manage Arthritis Effectively and Naturally!”

Now, lets be clear, we’re not advertisiing that we can cure or heal these problems. We are advertising how to manage symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The fact is, you dont even need to talk chiropractic in the beginning. You can talk about eating healthy and stretching and things like that. Then, you just educate people about chiropractic and with the right, its impossible for people to say no.

The best performing of these titles were the last three.

The one on managing the symptoms of ADHD and Dyslexia was huge. Many parents are worried about ADHD and dyslexia. So, again, it just works.

We stumbled upon the autism one by mistake. One of our docs has a passion for wanting to work wth autistic children. We did this advert and it worked extremely well- 50 people in the room and they loved it.

It got people into our offices and then we offer them opportunities to continue with us in some way, not to cure autism, but when they undertsand chiropractic can help them, it changes their perspectice on how they can benefit.

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