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Done For You Spotlight – Craig Osborne from The Chiropraktik Lounge with 162 Leads in just 2 weeks!

HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE! It was lovely seeing you all at the July Mastermind in London last month, and if you weren’t able to be there, I look forward to seeing you at the next one! Here at the Done For You HQ, it has been a VERY busy quarter with most of our clients hitting their record campaign months, so you can imagine the challenge in deciding who should be on the spotlight for this month.

Craig Osborne, from The Chiropraktik Lounge is one of our newest Done For You members. With an already successful clinic in Lindau, we hopped on our first two strategy calls to gather content and finalise our marketing strategy for July. After deciding upon a Summer Lead Generation and Spinal Screening Traffic Campaign to start, I took stock of the “What’s Working Now?” segments from the last few Mastermind Events. Despite this being the first of many campaigns run by The Chiropraktik Lounge Lindau, it would be worth implementing microtargeting straight off the bat as opposed to the big, generic mass targeting. Micro-targeting includes breaking down a mass area to call out specific locations. Especially with the first campaign, it’s important to keep the targeting broad as you don’t want to exclude potential leads, but calling out specific areas within the broad targeting provides a more personal touch to the audience increasing the likelihood of them interacting with the ad as opposed to neglecting it as they might misconceive the clinic being further away than it is. Micro-targeting also provides the invaluable opportunity to analyse the results and determine the best-performing areas for Craig. This way, we can push more budget to the key locations for the next campaigns to further optimise the results. 

Alongside this, another technique we highlighted during the Mastermind was playing the scarcity card. Examples of this would be: “Limited Availability”, “Only 10 Spots Left” and in the form of videos, creatives or just Call Outs. Emphasising scarcity in your campaigns creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, compelling customers to act more quickly and decisively. When customers feel like they might miss out on a limited-time offer or a rare opportunity, they are more likely to take action relaying onto an increased number of leads, conversions and a heightened brand value. Scarcity triggers the fear of missing out (FOMO) and drives your potential patients to make purchasing decisions before time runs out. This has been a super effective method of creating a competitive edge and stimulating demand.

With microtargeting in place, scarcity outlined and consistent monitoring, Craig’s Summer Lead Gen generated 162 leads with a 1.72 cost per lead in just over 2 weeks! The campaign had to also be turned off before completing its full course as the clinic had surpassed capacity for not just a few days but the entire month. We also had to put the planned Spinal Screening on hold to facilitate the mass. Craig and his team did a fabulous job following up the leads, booking in 85 new patients from just 2 weeks of marketing. “Given the lifetime value of these clients, this campaign alone could easily result in up to £35,000+ in revenue for the practice!”, said Craig.

Total Spend: 278.70

Total Leads: 162

Average Cost Per Lead: 1.72

Lowest Cost Per Lead: 1.46

Want proof? Here it is straight from the Ads Manager:

Looking forward to seeing who will be crowned in next month’s “Done For You Spotlight”!

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