Do NOT Say THIS In A New Patient Exam!

There is absolutely no place for the following in ANY new patient examination…


Let me briefly explain the psychology of what’s going on. Bottom line is that in any human interaction, we have a deep seated ‘want’ to be “LIKED”.

Whether you acknowledge it or not…TRUST ME IT’S THERE! 

This massively holds us back in many ways, but one of the biggest areas it really affects is SALES…!

Here is just one way we sabotage the “sale”:

WE USE WHIMPY DIMINISHING WORDS without even knowing it, most of the time to “deflect” and avoid “confrontation”…[more on this on my webinar]

Here is a shortened list of some of THE most devastating words you can use, often without even knowing you’re saying them… they kinda just “pop out”…[more on this in my webinar]


  • “Just a little bit” or 
  • “Tiny bit”, 
  • “It’s a tad out”
  • “Minor…”

DON’T DO THIS…you’re only doing it FOR YOU, not for them, now that you’ve read this, notice just how many times you actually say these weak words in an exam.

You will be shocked!


It’s totally unethical to OVER INFLATE THE SEVERITY by saying words like…

  • “Massively out”
  • “Severe”
  • “Extreme misalignment…”


Your job is simply to STATE THE FACTS without any adjectives, by using “matter of fact language” i.e. just tell the truth and nothing but it, with things like:

  1. “Your shoulder has dropped on the right”
  2. “You have more weight down your left leg”
  3. “C3 is subluxated”
  4. “You’ve lost motion here”

Notice…it’s no LESS or MORE language…just say the fact and nothing but the fact!

This is only just touching the surface of the influence psychology I’m going to cover in my upcoming webinar….no replays either but I am doing two live days, so that you can hopefully make one – click on the link to register!

See you soon, hopefully on my free live webinar 😉


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