Why Most Practices Fail…!

Let me go through why practices fail!

This is my list…

First is overwhelm. Look, those of you that are waiting for overwhelm to disappear, you’ve got a long wait. It never disappears. Welcome to the club.

Next reason practices fail is they don’t understand what they CAN and NEED to spend to find new customers. None of us spend enough to acquire customers. In my upcoming New Patient Conversion and Communication Masterclass, I’ll be covering the template to working out your customer LTV (lifetime value). So, with your numbers, is it okay for you to spend $100 or £100? For most of you, it’s totally cool for you to be spending that. You need to spend more to acquire customers if you can afford to, which we’re going to get into if you join me on 22nd or 23rd May for my New Patient Conversion and Communication Masterclass

Number three, lack of consistency. The number one thing I’m seeing from the docs that are rocking it is their consistency all the time on sending the daily emails or the weekly emails. They send them every day or every week. They sent out their newsletters, they do their videos. It’s just the consistency. It’s been the most fascinating experiment for me to see just how well this stuff worked. You know, none of it is mine. I just package it. I’m reading a book at the moment and it said on average you will make $1 for every person on your email list.

It’s going to be very relative. It might be more depending on the email list. If I look at my email list in Hälsa, we have about 100,000 people on our email list and we make about $100,000 a week in the business. That’s $5 million a year…

Next problem is no measuring, not enough client acquisition channels to form a full picture of where to invest your sales. Client acquisition and conversion is a big part on my free webinar in a few weeks…

Number six is lacking adequate retention and conversion, which we’ll talk about more if you join my 3-hour live masterclass, which you can join either Sunday or Monday, it’s your choice!

Number seven is they don’t invest in ongoing mentorship. As a coach, it’s my duty to learn and grow myself, to help others live up to their potential in business. If you want to kick start mentorship on how to end 2020 with new sales and conversion structures in place, you know what to do – register a space on my free webinar here!


Love and light,


P.S. Spaces are filling fast for my free New Patient Conversion and Communication Masterclass two-day webinar, join to learn how to recession-proof your practice!

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