From 50 To 250 Visits Per Week!

I’ve just jumped of a call with one of my inner circle members that’s been with me for about 18-24 months now …

Last week they did a record 251 visits!

To be honest, I completely forgot what numbers they were on when they started with me and my jaw hit the floor when she reminded me that she was seeing 50-60 per week when she first joined…

THAT’S 400% growth …..

Please do the math right now … what’s 400% growth worth to you …. ??????

IN FACT … forget that … 

How much is “just” 100% growth worth to you … that’s “just” double … 

I don’t mean to be flippant by saying ”JUST double”. But in all honesty, so many of my members are doubling their practices that just double is really not a “BIG” claim …

HERE ARE 17 CRAZY RESULTS MY MEMBERS HAVE CLOCKED IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS …….. All of these results were achieved during the Covid-19 pandemic… 


£82 000 taken last month... record for 2020! Whoop!”

$7,132 collections today. Ryan, thank you, this is a new record, this is more than I used to earn in a couple of weeks! Now I’m doing it in a day! My spiritual growth has been huge, in fact much more than the financial. Thanks for the proximity.”

“I certainly can’t complain!!! 245 last week! June taking’s £39k as of this morning so by this evening should be over £40k not a bad month coming after lockdown!”

200 visits in the diary for next week. Almost £9k in collections this week and we are not finished yet with nine report of findings, booked in for tomorrow morning.”

“Best ten weeks in fifteen years, highest takings, highest new patient numbers, highest patient volume, etc! Thanks Ryan and team.”

“July my best month in collections for the last 2 years and I’ve only just started implementing your stuff ” 

“Latest count for our Facebook reopening campaign..104 leads, 82 booked in and 76 prepaid”

90 visits booked for tomorrow already... we are at 254 people for the week, officially busier than pre-lockdown. 

“Our year end was yesterday and our collections have increased by 72% and total patient visits increased by 50% over the last two years.”

133 new patients in July from internal referral, reactivation and Facebook reopening campaign. I’m hiring associates.”

“Paid off my £60k startup loan after being open for 12 active weeks” 

“Collection records in July and August.”

“In the past four week period, we’ve had a new record for new patient appointments in the diary at 125. Currently can’t get one in for over two weeks.”

“Collection record in July! Double from last year

“Our visits are 160% up after lockdown compared to before.” 

“Just had a record month for July. New patients up 78% from last July to 128 (we normally get around 80 new patients per month)” 

“I am averaging 270 visits per week (up from 230). DC Income is up 40% on last July”


Love and light 

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