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Measure, Measure, Measure

Whenever you want something to improve in your business, you simply need to measure it.

Peason’s law takes it further. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. It actually says it’s exponential. When it’s measured and reported on, it increases exponentially.

When I hear a law like this, it becomes a golden rule in my business. So, I want to show you what we do. The stuff I’m teaching now is literally our checklist! We will go, “Why am I not getting results? Guys, are you measuring?” “Yeah, we’re measuring”. “Are you reporting?” And that’s often where we fall down.

For example, we set up a campaign for our clinics to get Google reviews. There was a prize for the winning clinic.

It’s a very cool campaign. You send someone a text and then they click on a link and they go straight to your Google page and then fill it in. So, we had a competition for the team that sent the most links.

It was crazy how many Google views we generated from this. But we weren’t getting traction until we measured it and we put it on our Facebook page, every single week, a name and shame.

We sent 750 texts for some people to fill out and we probably got like 200, 300 reviews from that in a short space of time. But the only reason we got those results is because we measured, and reported.

Another example was our Christmas campaign, in which I compared my clinics.

Every week, it’s like, “Windsor is in the lead. They got 40 referrals. Surbiton, you guys are behind. New Malden, you’re catching up second place.”

I promise you this, people will do so much to avoid the shame of this that they will perform at high levels to do it.

Tony Robins says this, “You are the direct reflection of the expectations of your peers.”

So, you want to be in that kind of environment. The tighter the context, the higher your performance because ultimately “performance requires pressure.”

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