[Chiropractors] The Most Important Post You Will Ever Read…!

Sounds a tad dramatic doesn’t it…?!


I really mean it when I say that this is just about the ONLY 9 ways to grow a practice…

Yes, of course it’s oversimplified, and each strategy has within it, many other nuances and strategies and separate applications…


There really are just about only 9 levers to pull to get immediate growth…

Sustained growth is a completely different conversation – join my group for a $1 trial to have it!


1) More new patients, by

2) See more visits, by

  • Shorter time (closed and open plan)
  • More hours (sucks)
  • More people across (open plan)

3) Raise prices, by

  • There are about 3 solid strategies but almost everyone that works with me gets it up by anywhere from 20-35% pretty quickly!

4) Raise average visit feeby

  • Start by knowing these two stats… 
  • 1) What is it EXACTLY. Most docs don’t know or worse, guess. It’s almost always lower you think…
  • 2) How many people have you seen in the last 60 days at lower than your “line in the sand” i.e., most of my docs decide on a figure that’s the absolute lowest (30% off on average). If you do this stat I promise it will make you feel sick how much money you’re losing…

5) Better price positioningby

  • Raise “a la carte” adjustment price in order to position care plans even better = much better sales

6) Care plans, by

  • Cash will ALWAYS be king. I’ve certainly worked with docs that are successful that don’t have these, but in my experience it really does change the metrics and relationship you have with patients for the better!

7) Increase PVA (patient visit average), by

8) Increase conversions, by

9) YOU…

  • Are you working on being the ‘BEING’ that can hold the space of more people?
  • You will NEVER outperform your self esteem/self concept…!
  • It’s a thing 🙂

Hope that helps 🙂 I’m rooting for you!

Love and light,


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