Do “screenings” still work in lockdowns ??????

Yip, you read that correctly……

We got 73 new patients in a single day recently from a “screening” WITH A TWIST ….

Before too many people copy me (already happening) let me be clear… I INVENTED THIS AND ITS INSANE! if I say so myself… ha ha!

Well actually, if I am honest ,its nothing “new”, there seldom is ….. its simply the blending of 2 separate strategies….

One “golden oldie” aka “screening” and using online strategies to not only do a full day of screenings but better yet …. GET THEM TO COME TO YOUR PRACTICE!

This even works in a lockdown…. no jokes, many of my inner circle mastermind members are killing it with this strategy all over the world and getting 50+ new patients paying up front on the day for a new patient examination!

Let me teach you this strategy on the 16th and 17th. ITS WORTH SIX FIGURES TO YOU … and it’s a free 2 hour 2021 marketing planning masterclass.. just show up, I will take care of the rest!

Love and light


P.S. Im giving away killer copy and paste templates on the webinar

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