Online “workshops” SUCK for getting new patients!

Bottom line is, “online” workshops don’t work… unless you make one simple but essential strategic pivot …. which I will be teaching in my upcoming Free 2021 C0vid Marketing Masterclass!

I don’t care how many “guru’s” tell you that you can get a ton of new patients by simply hosting “online” workshops …… THEY ARE DEAD WRONG!


There is no precedent for Business to Consumer webinars …. what does that mean??

Well lets take for example the webinar I’m running on the 16th and 17th teaching this stuff in more details .

I get 100’s of docs registering for every webinar and equally 100’s showing up….

That’s called a Business to Business (you) marketing strategy of which webinars are a standard in the industry….

When is comes to getting registrants and getting potential customers to show up to the webinar going direct to consumer i.e potential new patients …. this is NOT a thing.

Here is what will more than likely happen [unless you know THE trick]…..

Potentially you will get some nice signup rates for your webinar on say “headaches”…… .. that’s part 1…. NOW GETTING THEM TO SHOW UP ……!!!!!!! that’s near impossible in this context….

and then part 3.. getting them to pay for an examination online … well thats nearly impossible [unless you know the template]


But what if I told you you didn’t need them to “show up” to the webinar …. AND YOU COULD STILL GET TONS OF NEW PATIENTS ….

That’s exactly what I am going to be teaching on the 16th and 17th of January … ITS KILLER!

Love and light


P.S. Im giving away killer copy and paste templates on the webinar

P.S.S: Join Me On My Free 2021 C0vid Marketing Masterclass

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