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A Crucial Way TO IMPROVE Your Follow-up Campaigns

Let’s now talk about how to use the principles I’ve talked about to create effective follow-up campaigns that turn leads into prospects and then into customers faster.


Funnels are the steps that someone goes through from initial introduction to becoming a customer.

I’d now like to make an important distinction between what we call the Top of the Funnel (TOF) and the Bottom of the Funnel (BOF).

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The top of the funnel is everything that happens from first contact with us as a lead through to them to book to come in for their first appointment.

So, it includes:

  • Facebook leads
  • Website 50% off offer 
  • Events
  • Cost enquiries
  • Health reports

It also includes front end follow up like calls, emails and texts.

Then we have the bottom of the funnel, which is everything that happens after the booking. It includes:

  • Welcome sequenceChart, funnel chart

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  • Flight risk/Loss prevention
  • Testimonial requests
  • Stick letter campaign
  • Referral requests
  • Reactivation

I think you can make the biggest difference in your business right now if you focus on the Top of Funnel.

Improving your effectiveness by increasing the proportion of leads who come in for an appointment or by converting them into patients faster can make a huge difference to your business without you having to generate more leads.  

We’re investing a ton of money in getting better at this because, if you look at my volume, getting a 5% increase there is worth multiple six figures in my business.

One reason why TOF is exciting is that it starts automatically by someone opting into something. So, you only have one human involved for the starting of the thing in some way, shape or form. You can automate that a lot of time. 

Think about the psychology behind it. “I am not going to take you up on your 50% off but I am going to download your back pain report. I’m just going to trial you first. I’m just going to see what information you have to offer:” 

The psychology is like, “Hey, I need a little bit more of a nudge.” That is a very hot lead. So, you need to have the sequences built in to follow up quickly. 

As we’ve noted already, you have to be ready to follow up quickly and you can’t rely on just one and done. The sequence needs to continue.

Our first golden rule is that we should always segment our lists, so you definitely don’t want a single generic follow-up campaign.

You need to create different follow-up campaigns based on what people are looking for – you need the right message to market-match.

That means there are several different Top of Funnel campaigns and here are the most important you should have:

  • Website cost enquiries
  • Facebook cold leads
  • Website 50% offer
  • Report downloads
  • Welcome sequence (This is not theoretically TOF, but I think every business should have a welcome sequence or an indoctrination sequence to establish the relationship)

I don’t want you to get overwhelmed by all the different elements. It will take time to get all these right but it’s important to get started and focus on the ones that will get you the biggest bang for your buck. 

I’d suggest typically the easiest and most effective place to start is with website cost enquiries. You almost certainly have this in place and can therefore adapt the system easily to get results fast.

This has been an extract from my New Patient Avalanche System book, which you can get for FREE at or register for my new New Patient Avalanche course starting late January at

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