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Why You Need To Be Doing Information Talks In Your Clinic

This specific type of event is where we get cold leads to come to our office for an
educational talk.

We can either do that in the form of a dinner with a doctor or we just get people to
come to an informational talk and there’s no dinner.
We have got great success with just doing an informational talk and getting people to
come via social media strategies.

The biggest thing, whether it’s with or without dinner, is you need to get bums on

There may be a bit to be said for the power of reciprocity when you organize a dinner,
but we find it unnecessary.

The doctors that have come to our two-day bootcamp and have learned to do this
well are closing 80% of the room anyway; some of them 100% of the room into an
initial examination. But as a general average, most doctors, beginners included, are
converting at least 50% of the room.

So, there’s a very high show up and close rate, even without the dinner.
The definition of what we are talking about here is getting cold leads to come to us for
an informational talk.

What are the benefits of running them?

I always say this is the lazy man’s way of doing it. I love lazy sometimes.
Listen, you’re busy, you’ve got a million things to do. So, let me paint a scenario for

You’re adjusting, you finish a busy set, you walk out and the reception area is packed
with people that are coming to your talk.

You’ve got 20, 30 and as many as about 60 people waiting. They’re chatting with the
team. Then, they filter through to a meeting room where you deliver a killer talk.
Then, because you have learned and used one of my closing “scripts,” you convert 80%
of the room into a paid initial consultation. So, imagine getting between 10 and 30
new patients in 45 minutes.

I could show you hundreds of testimonials from my Inner Circle members, not to
mention my own practices, where we record 10 to 20 new patients every week doing

And remember, it is not just about the quantity. Most importantly, it’s the easiest
report of findings and initial consultation you’ll have in your life because you have
already established rapport with them prior to you even presenting a solution to their

Listen, there are two ways people show commitment. One is time, the other is money.
If they are prepared to commit an hour of their time to come to an informational talk,
they are very motivated and high-quality prospects.

So, not only have they “raised their hand” and committed to showing up physically in
your practice or equivalent venue, but they have also committed to put their hands in
their pocket to pay for an initial consultation, which is often appropriately discounted.
By the time they actually end up in a report of findings, they have “jumped through
many hoops,” but crucially are still there, which means they are VERY motivated.

That’s what makes these events and all the strategies I am teaching in this book so

Yes, its sensational for getting new patients. But it’s the effect it organically has on sales
and conversions that makes these types of new patient generation strategies almost

How do you organize these talks?
There are four elements to this:

  1. Get people to register
  2. Get them to show up
  3. Give them value on the day
  4. Convert attendees into clients

This has been an extract from my new book, Practice Growth: Speaking Secrets, which you can buy for FREEE at ryanriederbooks.com

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