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Why Hiring “A Player’s” Is BY FAR, Most Chiropractors’ Biggest Weakness!

And why you can no longer afford to keep C and D players!

At the time of writing this article, I had done 73 in person (zoom) consultations in 20 days and as fate would have it, the very first consult I did of the entire year seemed to set the tone for the next 72 calls.

It was with a young doctor from our Inner Circle Group that had opened his practice in the last 6 months, and was absolutely SMASHING IT!

We jumped on a call and he opened with “Tell me WHAT I need to do to get to the next level?”, and then he paused a second, took a deep breath, and proceeded to rattle off a list of stuff he still needs to get to. 

It was a good list. 

A list that if implemented, will certainly move him in the right direction.

So my response to him was…

“So actually, knowing what to do, in this case isn’t the problem… is it?

He had (as do most chiropractors) a “WHO” problem, not a WHAT problem!

I’ve often said that in my experience, the LESS a chiropractor personally does the busier they get. 

Let me emphasise a key point!

I did NOT say, the less they GET DONE the busier they get! Of course, to be successful you need to GET SH*T DONE… but as you get busier serving more people… the LESS TIME you will have for a lot of other business fundamentals. 

That doesn’t mean that you get to “ignore’ these things. Things like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Management, Leadership, Meetings etc. 


You see, as you get busier, your focus needs to shift to WHO… NOT WHAT, and the plague of many practice owners is that they have, quite frankly ZERO IDEA, how to hire, manage and create a killer culture so that they can:

  1. Attract A players
  2. Keep A players


I know you’re looking for a “swipe file” or “copy and paste” formula, or even a checklist or blueprint from me, but the truth is, that’s like asking me for a “copy and paste” checklist to be a “good parent”. It doesn’t exist. 

Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Is this really an EPIC place to work?
  2. Is my team growing as people?
  3. Am I inspiring them or is this place inspiring?
  4. Are they happy?
  5. Do I like going into the office to “hang out” with them?
  6. Am I really hiring A players?

As they say this, the first part to change is AWARENESS and I’m guessing that if you didn’t like the answer to the list of questions above, it’s time to start working on culture, team and making sure you hire and inspire A players. 

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