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Chen Chun Kit, the biggest name in Chiropractic Malaysia.

Chen Chun Kit is currently the biggest name in Chiropractic Malaysia!

Initially Chen started with a smaller practice at 700 square feet, where it was just him, a CA and 2 adjusting rooms. 

“I decided to go to seminars internationally as I wanted guidance from a coach. I first met Ryan in Amsterdam about 4-5 years ago, and I was really drawn to him by what he taught, and the way that he spoke. I had considered other coaches before, but this was exactly the sort of thing I had been looking for. I first joined for the New Patient Avalanche, and then joined as a full-time member after that. The calls were 8 hours ahead of my schedule so I would have to attend them at 3AM sometimes!”

Chen has recently grown at an astronomical pace. It was only last month, that he grew his practice to 1000 square feet. The new place consists of 6 adjustments rooms, and he’s also doubled his team! He’s managed to add on a few more associates and CA’s as well.

Chen looked in various countries for a coach, but it was something about Ryan’s teachings that just clicked for him!

“Some of the things Ryan says don’t apply to me as Malaysia is very different in some manners. But I still find his teachings to be very valuable, as I always manage to extract some lessons out of everything he says and apply it to my circumstances. There’s a lesson in everything”.

Ryan encouraged Chen to start his in-house spinal screenings, and that has now become the main source of his business. In fact, he’s the only one doing them in Malaysia!

Throughout all this Ryan has been able to guide Chen throughout these events. “I got to know because of Ryan what to do if the clients don’t buy upfront, and if they hesitate, what I should say to them”,  Chen further stated. 

Chen’s clients are also noticeably much happier with how he’s been dealing with things. He used to be very robotic about things, but after following Ryan’s guidance has now established a much happier and friendlier attitude with his clients!

“I had a one on one with Ryan at the beginning of the year. He pushed me to expand my team, and so I just expanded my practice last month. That’s my biggest win!”

Ryan also guided Chen to keep track of his profit and loss regularly. So now, at the end of the month he closely monitors what’s working or not, and how much each associate is bringing in.

The group and the community that comes along with the whole package is a big bonus for Chen. The positivity and the willingness to help is a big relief. It’s a good support system, one which is even willing to answer the silliest of questions. There’s no judgement in this space Chen believes; “It’s good to see this community. It’s rare to see something like this. This is one of the rare groups that I see in which everyone is supporting each other so sincerely.”

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