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Why Doing Live Talks Are A Powerful Weapon For Any Chiropractor

When it comes to doing live events, I’m not just some guy who preaches from the soapbox but doesn’t have any experience in what he’s teaching. How I like to separate myself from others in the teaching and coaching business is that I have skin in the game. I have 9 offices that turnover nearly $7 million annually, I co-own one of the largest Chiropractic private providers in the world and I’ve shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and Jay Abraham. 

Everything we’re going to run through here in this blog is things that I’ve practised for years with my own clinics – meaning that you guys can skip all the mistakes and take my wins for yourself… sounds good right?

The world is opening up again

Wherever you are in the world, things should be beginning to open up for your business as Covid restrictions are lifted and eased… here in the United Kingdom things have been open for a little while now, but whatever stage of opening your country is at they’ll be some crucial pieces of advice here to help you!

I’m actually struggling to get some venues of my own booked for the next couple of months… things are crazy right now. We have two big events coming up and everywhere seems to be getting booked up. This is because, in my opinion, after so long spent in lockdown there’s a big rush to get back to doing in-person events. I think this will cause a reaction where live events such as doing clinic talks will see a spike in results for a while because people are desperate to finally get back in a room with other people. So, there are lots of disproportionate results of sign-ups right now, so as they say ‘you should make the most whilst the sun shines’. 

Knowing why talks are so powerful

Nothing, and I mean nothing gives you the quality and quantity of new patients like a live event. When you stand up and speak in front of people, and the more often you spend with them doing this sort of thing increases sales and conversions. So, when you stand up in front of an audience, first things first, you’re increasing your value and worth to them as someone they want to get involved with. 

This can be achieved in other ways too, like social media right? The more people that consume your content, the more that decide to call up and come into the practice. I’ve had patients that have said “Hey, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for six months and I want to go come in for ages. I’ve seen all your podcasts, reading your emails. Boy, it was amazing the results that you got.”

The more they see of you, the more trust and confidence they’ll have in you, which always leads to increased sales because people have been following the process of what you’ve been doing. And it goes the same for live events – it’s the perfect opportunity to talk to people about your life, who you are as well as the benefits of Chiropractic.

For those questioning about the quality of the leads from talks, I say that by creating hoops for them to jump through you’re naturally going to weed people out who aren’t going to be great leads. If you can get someone to give up their free time to come to a talk on chiropractic, then they’re going to be somewhat interested in what you have to say. Those leads are piping hot, they’re not cold, so it’s all about how you handle the talk to get them across the line and booked in.


One of the main things stopping Chiropractors from doing talks is fear. People loathe public speaking and usually would prefer death to have to do it in front of a big audience – they would rather be the person in the coffin than the one on stage reading the eulogy. I’ve really seen fear of public speaking take hold of someone that bad!

If you can conquer your fear though, on stage you’ll look like a lion. The confidence you get is crazy. You will feel like a million bucks… there’ll be nothing that can stop you. So don’t let it stop you.

My advice for people who aren’t doing talks because of fear is to push through it. There’s no amount of practice that’ll take it away… the only solution is to remove that by doing enough talks where that fear goes away. Once you get comfortable and do enough talks on your chosen topics you won’t even need to prep that much… you’ll just be able to rock up, smash it and take home new patients! 

If you’re interested in reading more about my secrets to doing live events and talks then please pre-order my new book: Speaking Secrets at

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