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Turning Chiropractic Leads Into Patients Faster

The truth is it took me about five years to get this right. What I’m going to cover here may seem a bit overwhelming at times. But the key is you don’t need to

implement this all right from the start. As I’ll explain, when you start doing this, you’ll already be a long way ahead of the competition and you’ll be building a strong foundation for substantial growth.

In fact, this is extremely exciting. Because these strategies alone could give you a 25% increase in new patients.

That could mean getting two, three, four, five or more extra new patients every week without spending any extra money on the acquisition of new patients.

I promise you, it’s likely you’re currently struggling with indigestion, not starvation. You might think you need more leads to get more new patients. In fact, if you put in place even some of the lead generation mechanisms we’ll discuss, you can easily double your new patients across a year by sorting this out.

Let me be clear. This does take work but it’s undoubtedly worth it.


We’ve talked about lots of different methods of lead generation marketing. With each method, you get a lead and then you must convert a lead to a prospect, and then convert a prospect to a client.

Most of these methods of lead generation start with some type of bridge, such as a free report, that starts the decision-making process.

The first part of your job is simply to create enough bridges to bring in lots of leads. But the crucial second part is to have adequate follow-up processes in order to bring those bridges home.

Some of the methods you can use are: • Free report
• Book
• Health talk

• Come to a RoF as guest
• Free offer
• Free telephone consultation • Cost enquiry
• Free download
• Online Qui

The aim of each of these is to get people to opt-in and give you their contact details so that you can follow up with them by direct mail, email, phone calls and text messages until they become a patient.

But, in reality, what happens most of the time to all those people once they opt-in?

Traditionally not much.

Maybe we contact them once, but if there is no contact, they forget us and they get forgotten about. We have just wasted the money that we spent generating that lead because there is no chance they will become a paying patient if we don’t follow up.

However, very few people follow up properly with leads in our industry. If we did, we probably wouldn’t have this problem.

Yet the truth is most people are just not ready to buy from you at first contact. It’s a well-documented fact.

Statistically, if you don’t do adequate follow-up, you haven’t even touched the surface, let alone scratched the surface. How do I know that? Because here are the statistics:

• 2% of all sales are made on the second contact.
• 3% of all sales are made on the third contact.
• 10% of sales or conversions are made on the fourth


So, if you only do two calls or if you only do the first call after 24 hours, you’ve only got a 2% chance of converting them into new patients.

But then look at what happens…

80% of sales are made on the fifth to 12th contact.

But where do we stop? Most of us don’t send more than one email, one text or one phone call.

The excuse is that it’s complex. You just need to call 10 leads a week. But then you add in 10 DNA’s a week. And statistically, they don’t answer the first time, it takes up to eight calls for them to answer the phone. So, let’s say it’s 20 phone calls that need to be made this week. If you have to call them an average of eight times before they answer, that’s over 150 phone calls just this week. It definitely is complex.

And while you do need to know the stats, it’s not so much you have to sell this concept to. You have to sell it to your team because they’ve had drilled into them, “But we are hassling people. We are upsetting people. We are calling them too much.”

But the fortune really is, as Dan Kennedy says, in the follow-up.

Yet, how many courses do you see in chiropractic about sending emails and making phone calls? I couldn’t sell this to a normal marketplace. It’s not sexy. No one will buy it.

You don’t see people trying to sell this because it’s a load of work. And it takes a lot of skillset and a lot of investment.

Now it’s taken us a long time to get to this stage. So, I know that this is not the sexiest thing to learn. But the one reason

we’ve done records in two years, including through the time of coronavirus, is because this was just all in place.


I’ve always said, the challenge with chiropractic is that we do too well doing not so much. It’s like you can get away without doing it.

It’s easier and more rewarding – in the sense of an endorphin rush – to generate more leads. So, we spend more time on that. Everyone spends more time and energy to be able to say, “We got 50 leads last week” than to say, “We brought home an extra 7% last week through our follow-up sequences.”

The extra 7% in your follow-up sequences is worth 50 times more than the 50 leads last week. But it just feels better to say that.

Our industry is absolutely infected with the “Sales now and only now” culture. We are absolutely infected with that “eat what you kill” immediate gratification.

  • If they don’t say yes, that’s it.
  • If they don’t answer the phone on the first phone call, that’s it.
  • If they don’t say yes at the report, that’s it.
  • If they stop coming in, that’s it.
  • If they don’t say yes at the health talk, that’s it. We’re infected with it. Most businesses have that problem, by the way, it’s not a chiropractic thing. Let’s look at some more stats:

• 48% of businesses and salespeople never follow up with a prospect.

I think the true number that doesn’t follow-up is higher than 48%. So, if you just have one piece of follow-up, you’re already better than half the competition.

  • 25% of salespeople make a second contact and stop.
  • 12% of salespeople only make three contexts and stop
  • Only 10% of salespeople will ever make more than three contacts.
  • Yet 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. So, you’re literally in the top 90% if you just make more than three emails, texts or phone calls. That’s why I like to quote the saying that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. You don’t have to do this perfectly to get significantly better results. People say to me, “Oh, you must be really red hot.” I am now

but it took me a long time. In the beginning, I wasn’t. People would say, “You must be really good at screenings.” Not really. I’d just do anything. We’d just do anything because most people don’t do anything.

You don’t even have to be good. YOU JUST HAVE TO SHOW UP!
But, if you show up and you’re also good, you can easily increase your profits and your profitability.


To help you increase your profits, I’m going to give you my four golden rules for follow up.

We’ll then go on to look at how you apply these rules by using the right media in the right way to create highly effective follow-up campaigns.

  1. Segment the list. Always segment the list. We talked about that as message, market, media. For example, create a message specific to back pain – specific back pain report, 50% off offer and copy and texts for that. It’s a message to market match. That takes a lot of work, but boy, does it give you much better results than generic follow-up campaigns.
  2. Always mix up the media. The key media we’ll cover are email, print, text and phone calls. Whenever you’re doing a campaign, if you can bring at least three of those elements in, you’re going to outperform, and you can have a massive bump in your response rates.
  3. Always multi-step. A campaign is never one and done. That needs to be a term that you’re going to start throwing back at your team when they’re like, “But I sent a direct mail piece.” Don’t expect results from one and done. Typically, when you deal with top direct mail copywriters, the first mail piece brings home let’s say 1%, the second mail piece will double it and the third mail piece would double that typically. We should get way higher response rates than that.
  4. Simply do anything. I truly believe that if you have any follow-up at all you are automatically doing better. I don’t want you to read this chapter and feel overwhelmed about everything that needs to be done. Just pick one category and closely follow the approach I’m teaching. Just remember doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Everyone else can spend years becoming expert copywriters and marketers but you easily match and surpass their results by simply following these four golden rules.

This has been an extract from the new version of my New Patient Avalanche book, available at It has been updated with fresh references and THREE brand new chapters that I was inspired to write after those tough Covid lockdown months!

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