The Secret of Pre- Suasion

I just want to quickly tell you about this famous book “Pre- Suasion” by Robert Cialdini, who also wrote the very famous book “Influence”. I saw him live in San Diego and he taught me this.

Studies have found that if you stop people on the street by asking them to fill out a questionnaire, about 29% of people will stop and agree to fill out the questionnaire. 

However, if they ask one simple question before, the response rate jumps to 70%. The question was, “Would you consider yourself someone who is helpful?”

Now if I say yes, and I don’t help you fill out a questionnaire, there’s a disconnect.

They did another study where they asked people to test a new soft drink in the street, and 27% of people agreed to try it and give feedback. When they asked one question first, which was, “Do you consider yourself someone who’s adventurous and likes to try new things?” it would jump to over 70%.

So how does this relate to us? You could say something like:

  • “Would you consider yourself someone who values their health?”
  • Would you say your health is really important to you?”

Who’s going to say they don’t value their health or that it isn’t important to them? Then, once, they said yes, we go, “Great, then you’re the sort of person that’s going to be interested in this.”

It can be very powerful. So, try and work it onto your scripts. 

Ninja Move- Upsell

Now, a ninja move. This is what nobody’s doing, and it changes your stats dramatically. It’s the upsell.

A billion- dollar business was built on this concept. You may be familiar with this line, “Would you like fries with that?” 

When you offer them another opportunity to buy, 33% will say “Yes”.

A billion-dollar industry was built on that sentence because 33% of people just say yes. If you then ask, “Would you like a soft drink as well?” another 33% of people say yes to that because they are in the buying cycle.

So, when you offer them another opportunity to buy, 33% will say, “yes”. So, this is the friends and family deal. 

Once someone had bought a $30 voucher, you would just simply say to them, “Would you like to get another one for any of your friends and family?” You could offer that for $10 or $15.

Our stats show similar results, one in four, say “yes” to the upsell.

So, this changes your stats dramatically. If you are doing even 12 screenings a year, and every third or fourth person says yes to an upsell, you’re going to change your stats big time. So always ask for an upsell.

You’ve got two formats of screening:

  • One-person format- one person is going the whole screening
  • Two people format- two people are involved. One acts as the attention grabber and another as a screener, probably the doc, then hands it back to the first person to make the booking. 

If it one- a person format- you’re doing both and it’s very cost-efficient, but sometimes its harder to maintain energy than with the other structure.

With the two-person model, the attention grabber gets them to fill out a form and hands them over to the doc, who gets them to the point where they say, “How important is it for you to get this sorted.”

When the answer is “very” they hand them back to the grabber to close the deal and get them booked in. 

Having two people is great for energy and works especially well for fairs fetes and high-volume events where there are lots of people. You can even have more at very busy events. 

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