The Fishbowl Trick

Here’s a ninja move, which if you implemented today, could get you your next corporate booking in a company within the next week.

It’s called the “Fishbowl promotion”, and it’s simply having a big fishbowl at the front desk. It’s a promotion to get company names and HR contact details.

You’re going to tell people that they stand a chance to win a free “lunch and learn” for their business and additionally, that they stand a chance to win a big prize (lucky draw) just for entering- and it has to be a big prize like an iPad or a holiday for two.

My students can get as many as 60-100 new pateints from a single event. Just work out what is worth to you. It’s crazy.

We could possibly be talking about it being worth anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to six figures.

So, is it worth paying for a vacation for two, or an iPad? Ofcoruse, it is.

You have to do this, at least, once a year or maybe more. And you need your team’s support.

When we look back at the statistics and wonder if it was worth doing, you migh say, “We didn’t get into all that many companies… maybe six or seven. But the numer of new clients we got from those seven companies was huge.”

We actaully did this, and we sent one of our clients on a holiday for two and it was awesome. It was worth tens of thousands of dollars to us.

All you need is a form at the front desk telling them how they can enter and some photos of the prize.

It simply has their name, email address, contact number, company name, name of HR, point of contact and contact number and the approximate number of employees.

They have to fill that out to enter. I prefer making them fill out a form as opposed to dropping in a business card, because you get so much more relevant information.

There are some advanced tips to approach which we teach in my New Patient Avalanche Program.


Now, the other way you get into companies is outbound, meaning that you phone them. So how do you get in?

We have a full- time person doing “corporate outreach”. That is how powerful this is for us and it can be for you. We actually phone companies and offer them opportunities for us to come into their business and offer this service.

This requires a lot of tenacity. When I tell people about our markeitng strategy, some people don’t really want to hear all this stuff I’m telling you about how much “effort” it takes. They only want to know the easy way to get lots of new clients.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way. This takes persisitence. I know for a fact that we sometimes phone companies 30, 40, 50 times before we get in.

Now, you don’t have to be doing it as aggressively as we do it, but it’s just the reality of our situation.

We have generated over $2 million in the last five years just from this one source of marketing

Anything that gives you the opportunioty to get as many as 103 new patients in a 30 minute talk is surely a worthwhile marketing strategy that you should be investing a significant amount of time and effort into.

I never forget when i was trying to get into a Gold’s gym. It was a bit challenging for me at that time as the mangers weren’t stable. I phoned that gym between 30 and 50 times. People were answering, not answering. I was speaking to different managers, getting blocked by the front desk. It took well over 30 calls to get into that gym.

The question is, are you prepared to be that peristent and is it worth it?

Remeber when i pointed out earlier. Just one gig could be worth six figures to you.

On that point, I recall a time when i was in San Diego and i had the privilge of hearing Daymond John speak. He’s on Shark Tank and is the founder of FUBU. He got asked a question, “What was a thing you you did in your early career that made the biggest impact?”

He said, “I was broke, I had made mistakes. But I made a decision and it has literally changed my life. I made a decison to make 50 calls a day no matter what. I didn’t even know who i was going to call, but i made 50 calls, whether that was just to a new supplier, or whether it was to someone I needed to reach out and ask for help.”

Obviously you don’t need to take it to that extreme, but what if you made just five or ten calls per day?

If you make five calls a day to companies, over a period of a year or two, you will trace back your six figure business to that action, guarenteed.

So, the first thing i want to do is change your mindset as to why you should absolutely be focusing on this.

We have generated over $2 million in the last five years just from this one source of marketing.

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