Email Fundamentals- Why Email?

If I had a penny for every single time in my life that I’ve heard the saying, “There is nothing more valuable than your email list”, I can tell you I’d be a very rich man.

Every single marketing conference I’ve ever been in my entire life tells me there is nothing more valuable than your email list.

But the truth is, I just didn’t get it. Everyone said, “The bigger the list, the more valuable. You make money every single email you send.”

All, not me. I wasn’t making any money when I was sending out emails. I didn’t know what these guys were talking about.n

I heard that so many times for so many years and then it happened. I realised the power.

I’m not joking when I say that I was absolutely panic- stricken when I realised I wasn’t doing any of this marketing and we didn’t have our own CRM.

I realised how much money we were leaving on the table and how grossly we were neglecting the situation.

When I got it, I was like, “I need CRM now. I’m not talking to my list.”

Honestly, I got a lot of resistance from my team. That included my business partner and my financial director. Nobody got it.

I don’t want to know how much money I lost by neglecting this.

They all said things like, “We can already send emails from the operating system we work with. Why do you need a CRM? The CRM costs money. It’s a very intimidating learning curve and email is dead anyway.” These are all things I was told.

And still two years later, I still had no CRM.

I easily estimate, from what we’ve been able to do now, it probably cost me $1 million at least.

If I think about it, it was good five years that I wasn’t using any type of email marketing or speaking to my lists.

Well I’ve generated 563 reactivations from one campaign, and we’re doing a campaign at the moment that’s generating 30, 40, 50 reactivations every time we send a group of emails.

I don’t want to know how much money I lost by neglecting this.

The reason that I didn’t take action for two years, even when I knew the truth, is a sentence that will sabotage all of our growths. Every single one of us has thought it at some point in our careers. And the sentence is this, “My business is different.”

“That works for them, but my business is different. I live in Timbuktu. My business is different. It’s all good if you live in California, but where I live, it’s different.”

Another sentence that sabotages our growth is, “I already know this.”

When I’ve been taught something or I’m sitting in an audience, and I find myself thinking, “I already know this,” I’m like, “Focus. Knowing is doing.” If you’re not doing, you don’t know anything.

Another one is, “This won’t work for me.” A lot of times those sentences take us out the game. “That process won’t work for me.” “They’ve got a team.” “They’re bigger than me. That’s a sentence that I’ve struggled with many times.

Another is, “This is obviously for online business. Not me. Not for bricks and mortar.”

Those are some sentences that held me back. So, stop for a moment and think about whether any of them are holding you back too.

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