How To Use Social Media To Fill the Room

Alongside having a great topic, the other vital part of getting bums on seats is having the right advertising strategy in place to get people to express interest.

To fill our rooms, we have relied almost exclusively on social media- especially Facebook.

People always ask me, “Why Facebook?” The simple answer is that your audience is using Facebook!

According to polls, for a large majority of chiropractors, most of our clients base is made up of people over the age of 40.84% of 30-49 year olds, 72% of 50-64 year olds and 62% of online 65+ year- olds currently use Facebook.

When comparing that to the likes of Instagram (47%, 23% and 8% respectively,) you can clearly see why Facebook is a must for chiropractic to be leveraging.

Now, we don’t just simply “post” our event on Facebook and hope to get some sign-ups. We set up adverts specifically targeting the people who are most likely to show up and become high-quality clients.

We mostly use Eventbrite as the registration mechanism to attend our events.

Sometimes, we change that and use specific landing pages through separate landing page software. But, in my experience, Eventbrite does the trick and is often more than sufficient for most chiropractors.

We push people to these events through Facebook adverts using the campaign’s objective, “Traffic”.

The “Traffic” objective means Facebook will optimize the campaign to get as many people to visit your event page as possible, for the budget you have set.

Facebook’s audience targeting is very advanced and is what makes Facebook one of the most powerful advertising tools on the planet.

Through Facebook, we can target people within our local community- as a general rule, we target people within a 30-minute drive from our clients. We can also target based on age and will usually not target anyone under the age of 30.

Depending on the talk, you can take targeting one step further with “detailed targeting”, where you can target potential clients based on interests, behaviors, gender, and specifics such as job title and even relationship status.

Therefore, if you are doing a talk on arthritis, you can target people who are specifically interested in pages linked to arthritis and are over the age of 40.

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