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Simple, But Not Easy, Strategies To Improve Your Practice

I often warn not to confuse the concept of simple and easy. Simple and easy are two very different concepts.

I certainly make many mistakes as a businessman and I am by no means a “complete” or finished product. I still have much to learn, but so far so good…

My business is literally a 1% business. Meaning that only 1% of businesses on the planet will ever achieve over 7 million dollars turnover. Of this, I am very proud. Only 0.4% of businesses on the planet will ever achieve 10 million dollars turnover annually. 

As you are all getting to know me better you will notice a few “Ryan-isms”. These are simply a few “guiding” declarations, I regularly repeat to myself and my team, to keep us “on track”. Without a doubt, one that has served me tremendously has been “Done Is Better Than Perfect”. 

A more recent one that I’ve probably been “living” for a while but not really conceptualised until recently is…“The Process Trumps The Substance”.

This is a difficult concept for most to come to terms with because it almost seems like I’m advocating doing “poor quality work”, BUT that couldn’t be further from the truth…

I’ve always said that I’m not inherently more talented than anyone, nor was I born with more of the achiever gene than the next, but I do believe if there was one thing I have in abundance over most people, it is my ability to “show up”, and furthermore, keep showing up…!

The process points to the strategy and gives less emphasis to the tactic…

Strategy always beats tactics long term, for example, the strategy of sending regular welcome packs or a welcome sequence to new customers when someone first starts a business with you is way more important than what’s in them.

Remember, if it needs to be done, it is better done badly, than not at all. Again, I’m not saying that you should purposely produce a poor quality product, but you shouldn’t put so much emphasis on the “product” or tactic, that you delay doing the strategy because long term, it is the strategy of getting it done regularly that “WINS”, not the content. The content will naturally get better over time.   Plus, you do not always have to do it all by yourself, you can hire appropriately/ outsource these tasks to someone who is able to do them well. 

There are many examples of strategy over tactic in our practices, here is are a few:

The strategy of regular follow up for clients that have missed appointments, is more important than having the perfect script or person doing them.

The strategy of regular external marketing e.g. showing up to screenings and talks or getting a team to do it regularly is more important than having a perfectly trained team or perfect script.

The strategy of running regular weekly, quarterly and annual meetings is more important than running perfect meetings.

The strategy of regularly producing weekly statistics or “scorecards” is more important than having the perfect scorecard or stats.

The strategy of regular communications to your “list” is more important than the perfectly written newsletter or perfect email.

Love and light,


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