Why your business needs to become more “entertaining”

They say public speaking is close to the biggest fear an individual can possibly have. Imagine then, a younger, less experienced and frankly “nervous as shit” Ryan just about to walk onto a stage for the first time in front of a “substantial” audience of over 1000 people.

Just before I walked on, I was given a key piece of advice from one of the world’s most prolific public speakers. He said, “Remember that you can be anything on stage BUT JUST DON’T BE BORING.

ANYTHING BUT BORING – is worth repeating!

I’ve come to realise that many and most practices are “BORING” in the way they portray themselves through their marketing, media and in-house content etc

Outrageous or quirky may be words thrown around when describing some of the most successful businesses or business characters. Whatever the superlative to explain them, what is key to recognise is that THEY ARE BEING SPOKEN ABOUT. Even more crucially, they are being spoken about and NOT their competitor!

The word I often use is: RAZMATAZ

Theatre is important, especially when it comes to your business.

An inconvenient truth that’s important for you to hear if you want to make a massive impact is:

It is NEVER enough to just “INFORM”, you must also ENTERTAIN!

Why Entertain?

Because money flows in that direction! More specifically one need only look at the size of the entertainment industry compared to that of the “education” industry.

Jonny Carson famously suggested that one need only compare his salary to that of the dean of Harvard to determine in this case America’s value of entertainment vs education!

Most people’s lives are incredibly boring. There I said it!

If you think that people are simply looking for more “good information” then you are in for a big shock. Information as a commodity IS NOT IN SHORTAGE. Have you heard of Google or YouTube?

More information is often the last thing someone wants. So, information ALONE is useless unless it is organised and entertaining.

In many ways, it’s a show, you’re on stage, and you better perform and entertain.

Here are 5 areas you can be more entertaining:

  1. Be Funny!

Dan Kennedy is often asked if, in business, one NEEDS to be entertaining or funny! His response is brilliant; Only if you want to be paid more!

Of course, each niche has its nuances and perhaps one might think that in this “professional setting”, being “funny”, is not all that important. It’s for this reason that it’s so easy to BE FUNNY. Nobody else is doing it.

Before you say……… “but I’m not funny”, let me assure you … that I RYAN RIEDER …. AM NOT FUNNY!

In fact, that’s been a long-standing joke in my family for years. I never laugh at jokes really, don’t get them. I can be quite grumpy and serious and little things REALLY irritate me.

BUT that’s kinda funny, isn’t it!

Being funny is not just about doing funny stuff. It’s about finding, writing, speaking, documenting all your quirky habits, grumpy tendencies, pet peeves, and guilty pleasures… THAT’S FUNNY.

As an interesting side note, the most consistent piece of advice I’ve been given about how to continually improve my public speaking skills is: STUDY THE GREAT COMEDIANS. For additional emphasis please note it is not; LEARN MORE PUBLIC SKILLS.

  1. Your Holiday campaigns-


What could be cheesier than the many of the traditions, characters and stories around some of the world’s most famous holidays?

Christmas, Valentine’s and the like.

Pomp, theatre, dress-ups and props are a must. GO BIG!

  1. Self-Deprecating Humour!

Segueing on from both “being funny” and “holiday campaigns” comes an almost unavoidable byproduct of doing both points successfully. Self-deprecating humour.

For whatever reason people love seeing their [fill in the blank] not taking themselves too damn seriously. Think dress ups, funny costumes, failed attempts, flaws and weaknesses!

  1. Your life!

Let them live vicariously through you. Make “YOU” a big part of the communications.

This is really simple but often overlooked. Just let them know what you’re up to. Where are you eating, what holidays are you on, what family excursions are you taking. What special events are you attending? Document and distribute.

I can speak from experience here when I tell you that this is almost always something I myself will “brush away” as not that important. In a way, there’s always that little voice that whispers, surely, they don’t give a hoot that I’m in Seychelles with my family. You’re dead wrong, they absolutely want to “live it with you”, so let them!

  1. Hijacked Celebrity

In skirting around the subject of “entertainment” one cannot ignore the power of celebrity or the unavoidable fact that money flows in the direction of “celebrity”.

For most of us mere mortals, the idea of becoming a celebrity is too far to fathom.

An important point worth noting is that “celebrity” can be created and secondly celebrity can be local and in your niche. Even a local “small” celebrity activates the natural law of “celebrity wealth attraction”. This explains why PR firms exist and make millions.

More importantly for the topic of this article though is that one can “hi-jack” celebrity. Photos, interviews, heck even photobombing a celebrity will hijack some celebrity “ju-ju” juice from them.

Again, I can almost hear that little voice saying, “surely it’s a little lame me taking this selfie with “David Beckham”. LET ME ASSURE YOU…. it is not. At the very least it’s ENTERTAINING

There are 5 simple hacks that can help you be more entertaining. The hacks in of themselves are only one piece of the puzzle. For them to work, one must document them and then distribute them in the relevant media (newsletters, emails, Facebook videos, newspaper articles, etc) for them to “work”.

Essentially NOTHING works if you do not WORK IT!

Happy entertaining!

Love and light!


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