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[Part 2] Worst Sentence vs. Life-Changing Question 🥊💰

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The worst sentence you can get is…β€œSo, I’m not actually that bad…”

Listen, if you hear that a lot, it’s only because you haven’t been a truth finder…

They’re sitting there for a reason. Everyone’s got challenges but, if you hear that sentence a lot, you may as well take their hand and walk them out the front door yourself. Because they aren’t going to do anything!

Think of the story of the dog. You have to be able to find the truth. They’re there for a reason. The truth is there. But most people just don’t go a little bit deeper, and human beings will want to minimise the whole process anyway…

So, that’s the worst thing that you could possibly hear. The root of that problem is always ourselves. It’s never the person, it’s always the practitioner. It’s about getting them to sell it to themselves. I think that is a really big key….

What you say means something

But what they say means everything!

So, get them to describe the problem. You’re stacking the problems, but you need them to say it to you. You need them to say to you how it is affecting their life. You need them to say to you like…

β€œIf I could do this and this and this, that would be amazing…”

And you do that by asking good questions.


So, here’s the magic sentence to work backwards from…

At some point in every Initial Consultation and every single Report of Findings I want you to have the following sentence/question sketched in your mind….

So, it’s scripted. It’ll change the whole way you do the whole process

The sentence is this…

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Love and light,



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