Here are three things that all great salespeople have in common….

#1: Energy

The person with the highest energy will always influence the person with the lowest energy. It's a fact. It's a truth. People will come and watch a fire burning brightly. One of the greatest sayings I've ever heard in my entire life was from a hilarious author who said…

“The key to success is to have enough energy that people come up and want to be close to that energy. Then, when they show up, bill them!”.

By the way, those of you that feel tired, sometimes it doesn't pay to be tired. The return on investment of being a bit tired on the shift is not good. It is important from a healing perspective. I was once taught that you can never move someone towards health who's got higher energy than you. We are just energy. We're just vibration. So, you're trying to move someone to a higher vibration. Just forget it. This is why it's important to rest.

Have you ever come back from a holiday and just been on fire? You're breaking out everywhere you go. But this energy is a finite thing. One of the big causes of tiredness is failed purpose. Sometimes you just have to change your practice.

Another cause of tiredness is about exchange. Some docs self-sabotage their success because you actually don't want to be busier because they can't stand the thought of adjusting more people at $10 an adjustment. They’ll be like… “What's the point of being busier?”.

I know people that see 80 a week that make way more money than people see 300 a week. I don't care what your number of appointments is. Tell me your average adjustment fee. Sometimes, I need the 350 a week guy to sit next to the hundred a week guy that's making more money than him. Why? Because I want to create pain. I want them to be like… “Screw you! I'm busting my balls seeing 300 patients and you are making more money than me!”.

They need to feel some pain there!

#2: Certainty

All successful salespeople have certainty…

The person with the highest certainty will always win. I've been around many groups and many chiropractors and they're so certain about the thing that they do. For example, they totally believe in their technique.

It makes all the difference and they rock!

#3: Empathy

I think the most underrated thing, is empathy. Those are three things I see in abundance with successful practitioners – energy, certainty and empathy.

Empathy is magic. It's just magic.

Empathetic is not the same as sympathetic, by the way. If you go into sympathy, you will never close a deal. Sympathy means you share that emotion with the person.

Love and light,