Are you ready for another year of lockdowns?

Recently we were put back into a full lockdown and while nobody wants lockdowns….. honestly I barely lost a minutes sleep because we are prepped and ready… how about you?

If you haven’t already cottoned onto the fact that we are more than likely going to be in and out of various regional and national lockdowns for the next year, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news ….. but that DEFINITELY IS GOING TO BE THE CASE!

And now is the time to prepare… hence the reason I am holding a 2 hour 2021 COVID MARKETING PLANNING WEBINAR … teaching you exactly what you should have READY for this upcoming year!

In short I will be covering three important areas and giving all the support material you need…

The first

How to solidifying the practice for the next lockdown, by putting in place 3 simple steps NOW to aid in the smooth handling of shutdowns. I call these our 3 “momentum killer” fortifiers

The Second

Actual relaunch and reactivation strategies… READY TO GO! e.g Reactivation sequences, emails and list segmentation ready to go! more on this in webinar

The Third

The “post covid’ new patient getting strategies. The game really has changed and pivoting your marketing strategy now is essential!. I’ve got the blueprint and tweaks .. proven, results already in… get them on the WEBINAR!

Furthermore I’ve identified 5 key shifts in the way you market your practice and one surprising “golden oldie” that made a huge resurgence since Covid, that got us as many as 100 new patients in a single day.

I will be covering all of these in my upcoming free webinar on the 16th and 17th January

Love and light


P.S. I’m giving away killer copy and paste templates on the webinar

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