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My BIG Money-Making Tip

There is a strategy I have used many times across my 8 practices and taught to many of my clients and the results are the same, EVERY TIME!


My last post dealt with the psychology of why practice owners don’t raise prices.

This post deals with the “HOW TO”

So here is the opportunity that most people miss when they raise their prices!

It’s the opportunity to have a “cash surge”. If we have learnt anything it’s that more than ever CASH IS KING


Here are the 6 steps I recommend:

  1. Decide on the amount that you’re raising your prices to (don’t be wimpy).
  2. Decide on a date that your prices go up, usually 4 to 6 weeks lead time!
  3. Design a sign for front desk (NB do NOT say things like “we regret to inform you that”…). Here is a template coming up…
  4. Notice to all members – on the {insert date} our prices will be changing to {insert new price per adjustment}, PLEASE SPEAK TO THE FRONT DESK ON HOW YOU CAN LOCK IN THE OLD PRICES
  5. Sell as many of your existing care plans before prices go up…you will be shocked! 
  6. Train your front desk to say “did you see that our prices are going up/did you want to find out more how you can lock in the current prices?” (THIS IS GOLD)

Here is why the above steps are magic…

  • They work EVERY TIME!
  • It’s just about the only time I see team members very motivated to offer plans because they are “saving people money”
  • It has a deadline
  • A great line in the sign that gets them to ask questions, getting your team to do less of the “selling”
  • Lastly…IT JUST WORKS!

I’ve also got a cheeky request…WHEN you make more money from this tip…please get in touch and let me know at

Love and light,


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