Lockdown Cost Us 1 MILLION-DOLLARS! 😫

Just for context…being closed for 8 weeks cost us over 1 million-dollars!!!!


I’m not some guru teaching you theory from some lofty tower…

I share your pains, challenges and frustrations. I have skin in the game. 

And just like you I had to hustle, and hustle hard…

Here are some staggering stats of what it took to get my 8 practices up and running after a 8 week “lockdown” period:

  • We reactivated a staggering 2,437 inactive patients back into the practices!
  • We sent 68,987 emails over lockdown as part of reactivation strategies!
  • We sent 8,055 texts.
  • Had 1,626 text “conversations” via our two-way texting platform!
  • We made 11,754 outbound calls.
  • We received 31,516 calls over the lockdown period!
  • We had 565 organic website new patient inquiries…
  • We generated 1,101 new patient leads from Facebook…and counting!
  • AND had 417 new testimonials!

I don’t think we will ever see stats like that again…

It’s a journey I never want to repeat if I am totally honest but it worked and continues to work for me and my members! 


Here are just a few results from my Inner Circle members:

“Best 10 weeks in 15 years – highest takings, highest NP’s, highest patient volume! Thanks Ryan!”

“We are at 160% visits after lockdown compared to before!”

“Collection record in July! Double from last year!”

Honestly I could show you another 50 like that…!

My question is…what are you waiting for???

Love and light,


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