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Are you lost or confused and don’t even know it?

By definition….. MOST CHIROPRACTORS are confused!

The definition of “confusion” is essentially a state of not knowing where one is located.

Just think about it … most chiropractors have no idea of the current state that the business is in. 

What’s even worse is that they “think they do” and this simply leaves them not being able to assign resources and focus where needed.


It has everything to do with finding a point of reference. 

If one was lost or confused about their location within a woodlands, the first and most important step would be to find some point of reference on a map or other well known landmark…

Without a point of reference or “map” … they cant see the wood for the trees…

In business … that point of reference or “map” is KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS … 

You see the formula starts with 

1. Organising and collate your data and stats

so that you can…

2. Present and display data (scorecard)

to be able to …

3. Assign important taksa and actions to the relevant “data”

and if that is followed on a weekly basis then one can slowly get 

4. More Accuracy of the facts 

and the cycle continues so that you get less and less …”confused”.


It starts with trying to truly ascertain a reference point of where one is “AT”… FIRST!

This is one of the reasons that all my students are “nudged” rather aggressively by me to be measuring statistics on a weekly basis . We call this a scorecard. 

Its gotta be weekly and it’s gotta be done… even doing this BADLY will help you grow!

If you want to read more about this, just grab my book here for free. I cover this concept in the first chapters of my book.

Hope that helps!


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