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Is A Million Dollar Practice Really Possible?

I have often heard the 7 figure practice spoken about with an air of mysticism or a thing of folk tales, but I am here to tell you that it’s as real as an episode from Ripley’s Believe It or Not, discussing the fact that, yes, your not dreaming, Donald Trump is indeed the American president …believe it or not

Its funny how the 7 figure practice “headline” often and almost immediately conjures up a certain level of emotion or despair, but just stop for a second and think of what that would mean for both you and your families life, and the many more lives that would be served by this profession that we so love, if indeed everyone had a seven figure practice.

I am completely aware of the fact that some people may read about a seven figure practice and indeed couldn’t think of anything worse …lets be honest, the bigger the game the more the responsibility ie bigger rentals, more staff, etc etc etc AKA RISK.

Unfortunately, there is no skipping that part. It’s absolutely true that, the bigger that game, the bigger the challenges. You will need to check your risk tolerance but before you do that, consider this….

Here is my argument. I know that most of you work hard, and as I’ve been taught before, if your going to work hard ANYWAY, you may as well serve more people while your doing it.

I have had the absolute pleasure of having many meals with the founders of the biggest events and training company on the planet. They run over 500 events a year and if they didn’t exist you may never have heard of people like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

They are, Richard and Veronica Tan, a husband and wife team. I will never forget Richard explaining how his current project was a 200 million dollar hotel in Singapore….

My immediate reaction was, “wow Richard, that must be so much work”? His response changed my relationship with big projects forever, I will never forget it!

He said, in his Singaporean accent “remember this, BIG PROJECT OR LITTLE PROJECT….SAME WORK” and

he was so right.

If your going to work hard you may as well play big, serve big and earn big because it’s the SAME WORK. At the end of the day if your going to work 30 hours a week, then you may as well serve big while you there.

When I work with my Inner circle mastermind level clients, my primary goal, from a financial perspective is to help them create 6 figure growth in their business within 12 to 24 months. We have done this many times with small tweaks in my 8 practice’s and been able to do the same for my clients.

If they can do it so can you ….so remember …..BIG PROJECT, SMALL PROJECT….SAME WORK!

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