A mentor once taught me that I would have a really tough time trying to get anyone to pay for chiropractic care, if I wasn’t at least spending on myself what I am asking my patients to spend “on me”.

Its totally incongruent AND THEY CAN FEEL IT.

A very similar example is the advice I was given when going into the “coaching” world. It was, a coach without a coach, IS NOT A COACH.

The best of the best ALL have “coaches”. I, personally work with someone, one on one, who was a direct recommendation from Robert Kiyosaki’s group. She is the same person that he is “coached” by.

Yes, you read that correctly he has a “coach”. The best of the best, ALL HAVE A COACH of some sort, whether it’s a head space coach, specific knowledge coach, clearing coach etc etc.

I’m obviously speaking to the converted if you’re one of my clients…you get it.

I have multiple coaches ….I spend thousands of dollars a month “investing in myself”.

So lets get back to the idea of you being congruent …

I’ve worked with hundreds of docs and if they are struggling with offering care plans or recommendations, the first thing I ask them is…

have you ever paid for any service, or invested in yourself an amount of money that is greater than or equivalent to what you are asking for with your biggest “care plan” or current recommendations?

If the answer is NO, then there is a lack of congruency right there. Your asking people to invest an amount that you are personally not prepared to invest yourself.

Stinks of incongruence, doesn’t it….

You see, money hates being STATIC, it needs to FLOW through you.

You need to spend money (intelligently) to make money…. I purposely used the word SPEND instead of invest, to drum up some emotion. If it did, then your probably too attached. We have work to do.

I will take it one step further. I literally believe that when you invest in a service/coaching or anything of that kind, a big part of the “effect” or “result” you get, happens before you even take the course….

It happens when you pay….seriously ….think of the message you send to the universe, and your patients, at that very moment. A WONDERFUL AROMA OR CONGREUNCE, RIGHT?

So before I get any more “WOO WOO” on you, I will leave you with this …

Money hates being static, it needs to flow… meaning, in most cases, if you’re not investing in yourself….. neither will anyone else, including your patients.

Its weird, but true ….you need to spend to make…

Love and Light