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Automation And Systems Work But They Can’t Replace THIS…

There are books and then…THERE ARE BOOKS THAT CHANGE YOU.

“Peak” by Chip Conely is one such book. I read it many years ago. You know you have read a great book when you can still quote concepts from it many years later. If you only read one book this year, this is the one…!

In the book, he explains how, much like humans have a hierarchy of needs i.e. Maslow’s hierarchy needs, so to does a customer. He calls it “The Customer Pyramid”.

Long story short, assuming the lower two needs on the pyramid have been met, the absolute pinnacle in a customer journey is what he calls, Meeting Unrecognized Needs. In a nutshell, the one word that encompasses the peak of the customer experience is to SURPRISE your customers, clients or patients.

We have just held our “summer conference” for our entire team. And the theme in the CA breakout was “Bring Back The WOW”

As you all know, I am a massive fan of automation and systems, but those two things can very seldom, if ever, create the genuine joy and delight that our patients experience when we surprise them using…INITIATIVE.

It’s a rare thing these days amongst “staff” but I believe we as business owners are partly to blame. No team member is ever going to take initiative to “surprise” and “delight” a client by for example sending them a personalised gift pack to celebrate the birth of their child…IF THEY ARE NOT


Empowered both financially and authoritatively!

Here is what we introduced at our summer conference…all of our CA’s were given the complete authority to spend £10 at least once a month on whoever they liked and buy whatever they like. THE RESULTS HAVE ALREADY AMAZING.

Sometimes we just have to give them “permission” to shine.

Love and light


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