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Increasing Value and Connection 

When in a service providing industry, it is extremely important that the perceived value is high as unlike a physical product it really comes down to how your clients feel about you, your team and your capabilities which ensures they see their care plan through and ultimately live in a healthier, happier state.

Connecting and adding value on the phone  

When a new client calls the practice, it is of high importance that the call is answered! We would recommend that this is a priority within your business, simply because if a new client calls and the phone isn’t answered, they’ll just go ahead and call the next clinic on google! It may even be worth hiring a telemarketer to ensure this is achieved. 

On the phone, it is your/ your CA/telemarketer’s job to show that you care about their health concerns and to efficiently get them booked in to see a Practitioner as soon as possible i.e. that day or the next day. We don’t like to give out prices or try to overcome objections over the phone. We simply get them booked in to come see us in person. The thing to remember is that they called you, they have a concern they would like a solution to and all you are doing is providing the opportunity for them to find it.  

Your new client call checklist 

⬜ Swap names (this is crucial in building rapport) “Welcome to *Clinic Name* You’re speaking with *Your name*, can I ask who I am speaking with please?

⬜ Find out how they found out about us/ If they have been with us before (for you to add to your CRM so you can track the effectiveness of your marketing/ find their card so you can correctly cater the call to their needs) 

⬜Find out about their biggest concern currently 

⬜ “Is there anything else concerning you?” (There could be multiple concerns, keep asking “What else?” until they have listed all and take note of them)

⬜Match to chiropractic using the feel, felt, found method ( e.g. Aww yes I know how you feel, we have many people who felt the same way and have come to us with *insert ailment*, they have found chiropractic to be very beneficial and I’m sure you will too) 

⬜Trial close “Great, so to help you get started, I’d like to invite you to visit us here at the clinic”

⬜Make the appointment (for same day or next day)  “ Your first appointment will take 45mins, are you available tonight?”

⬜Offer two different times (preferably on the quarter hour as this creates urgency and highlights the value of your practitioners time) 

⬜ Request they arrive 10 mins before their appointment to fill in some paperwork (also allows for if they run late to their appointment) 

⬜ Get two different contact numbers (incase you can’t get through to one of them) “What’s the best number for me to contact you on?”

⬜ Provide clear directions to clinic and include where to park

⬜Ask for a Referral – “We recommend that you bring a friend or family member to the appointment so they can also understand the process, who do you think you will bring?”

⬜ Send a confirmation text confirming appointment time and with clinic address if your CRM allows 

Speak about the problem as opposed to the price 

Where possible don’t give out prices using the acknowledge deflect distract method, whereby you acknowledge the question but then divert the conversation back to the person’s concerns and ailment and make them talk about themselves.  

If asked a direct question, and you need to give out a price then just share the one off adjustment cost per visit (never explain payment plan options as you will be out of context). 

Confirmation calls 

Confirmation calls dramatically increase show up rates! Especially during this busy holiday season!

Calls ideally needs to be split in two: Morning confirmation calls for the afternoon shift appointments  and evening calls for the next day’s morning appointments. The appointment is not confirmed unless you hear back from the client. 

Be apologetic in your approach to these calls “I’m so sorry to disturb you but I just wanted to confirm that you have the correct directions down to us today at *Clinic Name* for your appointment at *Insert time*. You can park right out front and we would really appreciate it if you could be here 10 minutes before to fill in some paperwork before *Practitioners name* sees you.” 

If the client doesn’t pick up,  then the voicemail message needs to confirm the appointment time and use the apology approach to encourage a return phone call. “Hi *Client’s name*, It’s *Your Name*  here at *Clinic Name*, just a courtesy call to confirm your appointment today at *Appointment time*, If you don’t mind getting back to me so we can confirm I have the right number and put my mind at ease that would be greatly appreciated!”

This same message would be perfect as a text reminder too, which can be used as a secondary strategy to a phone call. 

Nurture Calls 

A Nuture call is a courtesy call done after a clients first adjustment (usually the report of findings) to see how their body is responding, as you know, there are different outcomes that may happen after a first adjustment, they may feel hugely renewed, they may be a little stiff and sometimes they may feel worse. These calls are really important as firstly, it allows us to share the education of chiropractic and address any concerns early on (saving you no shows for the next appointments) plus, almost most importantly, it really shows that we do truly care! 

When was the last time a business called you to check in on you after a purchase? This simple 3 min phonecall will make you and your clinic stand out ABOVE all others! A simple yet impactful tactic. 

Retention is much easier than reactivation! This one phonecall may save you ALOT of time and hassle so skip it at your peril!

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