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Here’s Why You Need to Send Out Print Newsletters

I can honestly say that a newsletter is one of the best overall media that there is.

It’s an opportunity for your clients to feel like they belong to a community.

Newsletter Advantages

  • Newsletters are perceived as a publication NOT advertising
  • Builds Trust
  • Builds Relationships
  • Credibility (Expert in your community)
  • Helps build “brand”

Newsletters are not perceived as advertising. This is very important. They build trust. They build relationships, and they also give you credibility because it makes you automatically the expert in the community when you publish a newsletter.

It helps build your brand but the most impressive thing about a newsletter is you get to demonstrate as much as possible without it coming across as advertising.

Let me give an example, You get to demonstrate patient success or client success, the miracles you had, and client of the month. This is all advertising however, as it’s put in a newsletter, it’s not perceived that way.

You’ll also get to show off your referrals. You can have a section in your newsletter that says thank you to referrers, making them feel special.

Welcome to the new members. You put a welcome to new members in your newsletter. When they open that newsletter, and they see 30 to 40 names on there, it’s powerful social proof.

Do you want to eat at an empty restaurant or do you want to eat at a busy restaurant? You want to eat at a busy restaurant. Social Proof. People come here.

An impressive thing about a newsletter is that it has now the longest shelf- lives of almost any media.

Often when you get a newsletter, you put it on your fridge and it lies around on the kitchen table forever. This is what people take home and it lies on the kitchen table for weeks. People also pass it along to others. That’s the big thing around newsletters.

So should you print a newsletter, or should you do an email newsletter?

An e-newsletter honestly, it’s a bit old school now. Almost no one that’s successful online does this anymore, It’s low cost but at the same time low rewards.

Print Newsletters

  • Without a doubt more powerful than email
  • Still, the best way to CONSUME large amounts of information
  • Better media to develop relationships
  • Always use an envelope if you can
  • 4 pages feel like a publication
  • Use email to supplement print

You can deliver to a lot of people, but do they get opened? You’re going to need very strong subject lines for them to get opened.

Nothing builds a relationship like print. A printed newsletter is without doubt more powerful than email.

It’s still the best way to consume large amounts of information. It’s a better media to develop relationships.

Always use an envelope because it feels like it’s got value.

Even better than just using an envelope is if you can write their name and address on it in handwriting.

Four pages at least feel like a publication, and you can use email to supplement it.

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