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Genius Of The Week- Kylie Foster

A question that consistently pops up in the Inner Circle Facebook group or even from DCPG clients is; what they should theme a campaign around. The honest answer is you can do anything! Although many clients stick to traditional seasonal themes or days (for example New Year, Mother’s Day, Summer, Black Friday), you can pick ideas more outlandish like National BBQ Week or World Ice Cream Day as long as you can make it related to chiropractic. Obviously, choosing such themes comes with a higher risk. A stronger suggestion would be taking advantage of something that happens locally or matters to your population, which is what this campaign is all about.

Organic Family Chiropractic Singapore is one of the growing populations of our international clients and is owned by Kylie Foster, a Done For You client of just over 10 months. Kylie is in the unique position of owning a sister clinic in the UK where she operates and practices. Therefore, most of the day-to-day management of the Singapore clinic is done by her practice manager Shadira. The clinics under the Organic Family Collective, have a heavy focus on family care; supporting mums before and after childbirth as well as the infants themselves.

What we appreciate the most about Kylie as a client is her patience. Similar to a lot of other clients, Kylie had already been running Facebook ads with some successful campaigns, so when the torch was passed to us, the first few months were full of developing the right strategy. We went through different styles of copies, different demographics, budgeting, creatives, and offers, all to find the leads that were right for her clinics. There was no doubt our usual strategy would work (as was proven in the first campaign that we did together!) but we had to appeal to their specialty. With their latest results in Spring 2023, the proof is in the pudding!

Shadira and Kylie made us aware that during the fasting period, their busy Singapore clinic tended to fall a bit quieter. With planning (and an insightful presentation made by Shadira herself), we created a Ramadan campaign that explained the benefits of chiropractic during this period to help Muslims during this time. This included addressing fatigue, boosting energy, and some of the digestive assistance chiropractic care provides. What transpired was their most successful campaign on the Done For You service ever – even surpassing their strong New Year performance, a typically strong performer where most people see their biggest influx of leads.

So what did it produce? HERE ARE THE STATS:

Ramadan ‘23 Lead Gen Campaign

Overall Spend: $567.62 (£337.98)

Total New Leads: 51

Cost Per Lead: $11.13 (£6.63)

And the PROOF to go along with it…

Furthermore, over 40% of these leads were booked in, meaning their diaries were kept busy in Singapore.

So, what made this campaign work so well? Here are my thoughts:

  1. Choosing Ramadan as a theme: Around the time this campaign was live, in the UK we would have been seeing the end of Mother’s Day or the running of Easter. Both were not ideal for Singapore. Theming it around Ramadan appealed the most to the local community we were targeting.
  2. The offer: I believe switching up your offer too, can often be detrimental (one month a consultation for £40, next £65 then £30 after that), but throwing in something different once in a while can help rejuvenate the demographic slightly. To quote one of Dan’s favorite sayings “Be freshly consistent, not consistently fresh”. We essentially ran a 2-for-1 offer, meaning when somebody signed up they were also signing up a loved one. This played massively into the community spirit of Ramadan and the giving spirit that came with the holy month.
  3. Fantastic creatives: We’ve been harping on about the rise of video creatives this year and their amazing performances on our ads across all clients. Shadira was able to create and supply us with some brilliant short videos (and images) specific to the Ramadan theme. This further fed into the message we were trying to outlay and helped bring in more leads.

Overall, this campaign had amazing results and we all shared our delight in its success. It shows that although it’s safe to pick a big seasonal campaign, it may be worth investing some time into your local community to figure out what matters to them so your next campaign can be appropriately themed.

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