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Expert Positioning

Learning requires energy.

The world is shallow, credibility matter and there is NOTHING that positions you as the expert more than…PUBLIC SPEAKING.

Some of you might have thought I was going to say being a published author – and you would be correct in assuming that having a book is an AMAZING tool to achieve credibility (you should ALL be published authors).

BUT remember that the minute an author is published they will normally engage in A BOOK TOUR full of SPEAKING EVENTS. Honestly, very few things will get you ALMOST INSTANT credibility as quickly as PUBLIC SPEAKING and forms thereof i.e. radio, TV etc.

For some of you that is a terrifying thought, as it was for me many years ago (when you see me next don’t forget to ask me about my infamous fainting stories…yes, you read that right…plural…meaning more than one occasion).

But I overcame what many perceive as the biggest fear in the world. Not because I wanted to BUT BECAUSE I UNDERSTOOD I HAD TO. I can now easily rack up over 10 hours or more ON STAGE in a SINGLE WEEKEND. If you include the countless talks in businesses and to my team and conferences, my “keynote” tally must be WELL OVER 500 separate occasions.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I think I have at least earned the right to give just a little advice that has served me very well…

  1. Get rid of the PowerPoint’s – If you need notes then use them but the minute you put up 5972 PPT slides, they immediately feel that this is a canned talk. You can certainly use a few slides to introduce themes BUT don’t do the 14 bullet points on a page type slides.
  2. Use a flip-chart or board or even old school overhead projector, or equivalent handwriting tools or software. The point is to make it look almost “amateurish”. The word that goes hand in hand with this is, authentic.
  3. Enthusiasm covers up just about ANY mistake!
  4. You can be anything BUT don’t be boring!
  5. Have a well-structured rehearsed opening. This will carry you when you are most nervous.
  6. Don’t make the mistake of assuming a “feel good” talk or inspirational talk makes the biggest impact or gets more people to make a “decision”. Some of my most “NON-INSPIRATIONAL” talks got me the most customers (for the practice and for my consultancy business).

Love and light,


P.S. I will be covering this topic (i.e. making an impact through talking) in an in-depth LIVE MASTERCLASS session soon in Dallas, Texas. To find out more, book tickets below.

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