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The Risk Of Insult Is The Price Of Clarity…

I’m reading a book called “The Wizard of Ads”. It’s fascinating in all senses, a great read. But I’ve probably got my money’s worth with the second chapter when I read this line… “the risk of insult is the price of clarity…”

It’s amazing how true that statement is. Anyone who has a clear idea of where and what they want out of life and puts his or her view out to the world in all its glory…risks insult.

It’s one of the reasons that if you’re going to be successful you need to develop a healthy level of immunity to criticism.

Which brings me to my point today…

Management by consensus does not work and will never work.

A famous story from Abraham Lincoln goes on to explain how, when deciding on a very important decision, he asked for the input in an open table discussion from his 15 cabinet members. After lengthy discussions and the group agreeing on a certain course of action he decided to go in a completely different one. When questioned by his members why then he even consulted with them on the subject, he replied…“I wanted your input not your approval

I think of all the times I’ve made decisions to “keep the peace” and “involve” everyone in my team and deep down I knew it wasn’t the direction I wanted to go…I’m sure I’m not alone in this?

Here is the thing about “leading”…

Yes, our decision, may well be VERY wrong, but at least I can only blame myself if a decision is wrong. At the end of the day it’s my neck on line i.e. rent, bank loans, staff to pay, ….risk, risk, risk, risk.

There is a saying in speaking …“my room my rules”…I wonder how often we forget that in our own businesses?


…at times you will without doubt come across as, unreasonable pedantic and well, downright anal. But remember this, so did all the greats like Steve jobs and Jack Welch etc. Heck, its rumoured in the speaking circles that Tony Robbins refuses to speak in a venue unless there is an air-conditioning unit flown in and specially installed…IT COSTS A MILLION DOLLARS!
Former CEO of the once giant corporation ITT, Harold Green, while leading its rescue once said, “Only the paranoid survive”.

I wonder if I shouldn’t become more paranoid, not about everything but rather about wanting things done the way I want them done?? I don’t have an answer for you BUT, I will leave you with this…“casualness leads to casualty”.

Read that once more…


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Love and light,


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