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4 SHOCKING Lessons For 2020: Lesson 4

****4 of 4 SHOCKING LESSONS FOR 2020****

This is BY FAR the biggest mistake we make in our practices…BY FAR!

The ultimate sin of NO FOLLOW UP, and or NO REGULAR FREQUENT AND CONSISTENT NURTURING of both leads and prospects, buyers and none buyers .

THIS IS BIG and will be a huge focus of mine in Halsa in 2020. WHY? Because as I continue to learn in a business like mine (multiple sales people AKA chiropractors) NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO i.e. training, motivation, culture, incentives etc., the following depressing stats for ALL “sales people” still ring true!

1% are really great, 4% are damn good, 40% ARE BARLEY OK, 40% are absolutely useless
(Dan Kennedy expert)


But even when we do move the needle via training, whipping, or offering a carrots 🥕… essentially it is ONLY SHORT TERM BECAUSE, and this is from first hand experience, your whipping arm will tire and today’s incentive quickly becomes tomorrow’s entitlement!!!

Because crucially external motivation by form of talks or incentives typically only work with the self motivated anyway, again reliably estimated and counted on in the following percentages.

It will work DEFINITELY on 1% because they are inherently awesome, always on about 4%, maybe and episodically on about 15%.

So whether you listen to me now or in 5 years time, the time will eventually come when you realise that the EXTREME AND IMMEDIATE FOCUS FOR NOW AND FOREVER needs to be on those things that are THOSE MARKETING AND SALES ACTIVITIES THAT CAN BE RELENTLESSLY IMPLEMENTED AND AUTOMATED, and if possible require little human involvement, so that the success of the business is determined by these efforts, and in effect that the business grows in spite of the poor sales performance of any said “sales” team.

That is just about the only real thing that can repeatedly and consistently move the needle because in short just about ANYTHING THAT BOTH YOU AND I THINK IS HAPPENING IN THE FORM OF RECALLS AND FOLLOW UP THAT REQUIRE HUMANS ALONE IS NOT HAPPENING, or at the very least happening at just a fraction of the frequency and efficiency that you THINK they are happening at either the front desk, or docs or phone calls or screening or talks or…(add 100+ occasions).

If you are indeed the full time practicing chiropractor then you’re simply skewing the stats, more than likely it is because you are the “great” sales person that is hiding the inefficiency in your business. And while yes you’re still profitable, the amount of income you stand to gain is even more than, for example, a business like mine because a tiny tiny increase in conversion = a massive yearly increase.

This is why our company P.V.A. is so much higher than ANY equivalent “group” I have ever seen. Because, while we and almost every business needs to improve, we do actively engage in nurture and follow up sequences. Although at times quite rudimentary, the point is that we think, plan and try implement this stuff in an automated fashion that doesn’t require all that much human interaction, that way I know there is a snowballs chance in hell it actually happens.

Other groups I’ve met, many of which come to me in a hope that I’m going to magically turn all their associate chiropractors into 100+ P.V.A. machines, are desperately disappointed when I assure them that that ain’t going to happen. I don’t care what god of a “sage from the stage” they hire.

Again if there is any change, it will be brief and short lived if no focus is put on good old boring relentless follow up and nurturing.

So here is a list below of areas that I will be implementing up to 10 follow up sequences per thing next year…


➡️ Health talk – no buy, multiple direct mail and email sequence in a 6 week period.
➡️ High spend 90-day no appointment (money on account and no money on account/ethical bribe) email and direct mail sequence.
➡️ ROF no adj email and direct mail sequence.
➡️ Bought plan – thank you/stick letter and referral push sequence.
➡️ Best clients review sequence for Google and Facebook.
➡️ Free download follow-up email and direct sequence update.
➡️ Halsa free book follow up sequence and shock and awe package + email + multiple direct mails + phone call.
➡️ Weekly Seinfeld email opened, then email + text or email.
➡️ Welcome pack lift letter (handwritten)
➡️ Birthday high spend (active and inactive) direct mail, email and text sequence

I hope you read the above CAREFULLY and in fact call a meeting with your team ASAP to work out how to implement this with your own systems.

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