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The most successful reactivation and online new patient strategies I have ever seen in chiropractic…

I will never forget the morning after the first lockdown was announced ……. March 2020… sitting at the phones at 7am in the morning hoping like hell by some miracle they weren’t going to ring… and everything was going to be normal…

But boy did they ring …… off the hook … for hours …..

First hour= over 100 cancellations

Next hour = another 100 cancellations

and another , and another. By lunch time we had had over 500 patients cancel

In over ten years of running practices i have never seen anything like it … nor do i ever want to again ….and i will NEVER forget the deflated voices of my team trying their very best to stop the sheer speed and volume of patients cancelling…..

what followed was over 8 weeks of closures and 1.5 million dollars lost revenue ….

Many of us had to find within us more fight , ingenuity , hustle and sheer determination than we had probably EVER had to find in our lives ….

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The new patient game had completely changed…

No more screenings, no more talks , no more lunch and learns , no more workshops , no more dinner with the docs ….just to name a few….

What followed was the process of creating some of the most successful reactivation and online new patient strategies I have seen in chiropractic EVER …

We were seeing many of my mastermind members doing their record years…. despite the closures , social distancing and other draconian laws …

Let me be clear…. I’m talking chiropractors … doing the best years in over 15 years of practice and doubling and tripling their practices in some cases….

Honestly … if your thinking “THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”… i absolutely don’t blame you … Not one iota of me expects you to believe me that some of my mastermind members doubled and tripled their practices and results like 202% growth last year etc …

Honestly I would barely believe it myself…. if i didn’t have the privilege to see it day in day out, in black and white! and i wouldn’t ask you to “take my word for it” … but i can show you testimonial after testimonial , after testimonial after testimonial…. see here for yourself

This weekend i will be teaching the top 5 online and offline new patient and reactivation strategies to over 300 docs who have already registered that created these results and more…

..If you are at all concerned or worried about.. patient volume , new patients, revenue or providing for your families…. then i would absolutely implore you to join myself and over 300 docs…. this weekend (Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th) where im teaching you EXACTLY how myself and my students DID IT … and continue to do it!

This may sound a tad dramatic but i truly believe this to my very core…. Never in the history of mankind have your communities needed your healing hands laid on them more than now… NEVER!

And if I can help you lay your hands on EVEN JUST ONE more soul….that so very badly needs touch , hope and healing …then you will be not only giving them the biggest gift in the world… but me me too, by allowing me the gift of helping you help more people!

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