A recession like we have NEVER seen before!

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“A recession like we have never seen before”

That’s what the United Kingdom’s head finance honcho, Chancellor Rishi Sunak was quoted saying at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.. almost a year ago now …

And quite frankly we haven’t even started the recession yet ….

But that’s what’s coming ladies and gentleman … MAKE NO MISTAKE .. “a recession like we have never seen before”

But that SHOULD NOT stop you from getting a ton of new patients …. or having a record year.

Many of my students are.. right now [see here]

Remember, my business partner and I have 9 practice so I’m in this with you ….


I have the SAME challenges and pressures that all my students have… and you really shouldn’t feel like you have to “go it alone”.

In fact … you’re crazy to even attempt to “survive” the storm alone, and why would you .


In a very famous book called “The Crash Course”… by Chris Martenson, he correctly stated that the single biggest determining factor that separates, who survives a “crash” and who doesn’t is their immediate support group. {paraphrased}

In fact I believe that it is SO essential for your future success that I would go as far as to say that …… while of course I would love to help you personally, cause I know the crazy results we are getting right now ……

Even if you so chose that I was not the person to help you …. YOU SHOULD STILL ABSOLUTELY HEED THIS ADVICE … DON’T DO IT ALONE

I KNOW THAT’S WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS DONE ,… and it’s served me and my students pretty damn well if I do say so myself {see results here}

At least join me on my upcoming FREE “getting new patients in the Covid economy masterclass”….. I promise it will be worth your while… hundreds of docs have already registered!

Hope to see you there!

Love and light


P.S. I’m giving away KILLER copy and paste templates on the webinar

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