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Talk Type: Corporate Events

Let’s talk about corporate events. This is when you’re invited to speak or do screenings inside a corporate entity with 20-plus employees. It is not desk assessments.

If I had a penny for every single time some other associate or someone I’m coaching says, “We’ve got to get in the desk assessment marketplace.” I’m telling you now it’s just not what you should be focusing on.

You want to become the invited guest as opposed to the unwanted pest.

In fact, it is a barrier to getting into companies. It’s the reason you’re not getting into companies if you’re saying you want to do a desk assessment.

You want to become an invited guest as opposed to an unwanted pest, and with that comes a huge amount of social proof and trust. That’s why there’s so little resistance when you get into these companies.

Without a doubt, it’s the easiest “screening” you’ll ever do in your life.

I’ve had many people do this for the first time, especially if they’ve done loads of screenings, and they’ll almost always come to me and say something like, “It was like shooting fish in a barrel”. Everyone just says, “It was the easiest sale I ever made in my life.”

The hard work is getting in. But once you’re in, just go in to have fun because they are fantastic. You can get 30-100 new patients in a day.

If I had to start all over again, what I would do are the talks within the clinic and fill the room, plus these corporate screenings.

So how do you get in? The inside track is always the best, meaning most of your clients in the clinic work somewhere. So, the simplest way to get into the company is to ask your clients in the clinic.

You normally need a higher level of awareness from the team to do this because you shouldn’t rely only on yourself. While that’s possible, the level of awareness from the team to “pounce” on someone, when they see the history form is important. That’s actually why on the history form you have a company name.

If all you did was make one CA accountable to ask every single person who comes in, and they follow a script, you can build a list of companies.

I promise you this will generate some opportunities for you. So, you need to role-play and train on this, so you get results and you just need to ask.

The best way to ask is simply to follow the script. “John, I notice that you work at XYZ… has anyone told you about our corporate health and wellbeing days?”

That’s a term they may feel familiar with because they often have to go to them. Or you could say, “Our free corporate lunch and learns.” You want to say the word corporate in there and “free”. You want to act as if this is something you do all the time.

Corporate lunch and learn. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. If they say, “No, I haven’t been told about them”, the next part is very important.

The only thing you’re trying to get this conversation is the name of the best person to talk to. Now they might say something like, “I’m going to ask HR to give you a call”. But you’ve just got to try. Just ask the question.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the answer, but you’ve got to ask the question, who is HR? What’s her name? Even if it’s the wrong person, you’ve got to get a name.

The only goal is to get a contact name and then I’m jumping ahead of myself, but when you phone that company, you also want to mention the client’s name- if you have permission.

Simply say, “If I contact the company, can I mention that you passed on my details?”. You just want to cover yourself for patient confidentiality and so on.

If you phone and say, “John Smith gave me your contact details and he asked me to call you and he said you might be expecting my call,” nine times out of 10 they wouldn’t have said anything about you, but at least you’ve got in.

We have generated over $2 million in the last five years just from this one source of leads.

Now the other way you get into companies is outbound, meaning that you phone them.

We do this full-time and very aggressively. Meaning that we actually phone companies, we offer them opportunities for us to come into their business and offer a service.

This requires a lot of tenacity. When I tell people about our marketing, some people don’t really want to hear all this stuff Im telling you. They only want to know the ways to get lots of new patients.

In the very first chapter, it was very clear to you guys that unfortunately there isn’t an easy way. This takes tenacity. I know for a fact we phone companies 30, 40, 50 times before we get in sometimes.

Now, you don’t have to be doing it as aggressively as we do it, but it’s just the reality of the situation.

We have generated over $2 million in the last five years just from this one source of leads.

I’ve got 63 people in one 30- minute talk and we didn’t even do screening.

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