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Nelson Mandela Was A Master Salesman…

Almost anyone that’s very good at sales understands the bigger picture behind sales…

We’ve all had terrible experience with sales, we’ve all had terrible experiences with salesmen at some point in our life. I asked some Chiropractors recently to close their eyes and tell me what they think about when they say the word “salesman.”

I do this all over the world and people will say things like…

  • Suit
  • Slimy
  • Con-artist
  • Rip-off

The problem with this is that’s what our association with the sales guy is. Now, because I’m just like you, I also have to work on my sales mindset. So, the people that I admire for sales are people like Mahatma Gandhi, Robert Kiyosaki, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Richard Branson always says that the joke with Nelson Mandela is that you couldn’t sit with him for a meal without him selling something to you or him getting you to donate to one of his charities. 

Nelson Mandela was a master salesman.

He had to sell the concept of equality to an entire nation that really believed in the segregation thing. This guy believed in a cause so much that he sold the concept to an entire nation. Same with Martin Luther King.

Did they speak in front of people? Yes, they did.

Did they promote themselves? Yes, they did.

Were they shy? No. They weren’t.

They shamelessly promoted. That’s how they created movements. The problem is some of you are in a phase in your lives which is something called non-existence. To go from non-existence to abundance, you have to go through something called danger. Some people stay in non-existence because it’s safer. The minute you pop your head up, you can get criticism. So, it’s safer to stay in non-existence.

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