Is THIS Scheduling Mistake Killing Your Conversions?!?!

It’s a statistical fact that this little tip WILL improve your conversions…

The key concept being:


There are two key areas where this can be relevant, the later the most important!

1) Having too long a period go by between “phone call to book” and actually seeing them in the practice. There are ways to combat this that are effective but it’s worth mentioning. 

2) THE BIGGIE!! Having too long a period go by between their initial consultation and their Report of findings!

So basically time BETWEEN, without doubt decreases conversions in any sales setting! [more on this in my free webinar]

My estimate is that for every EXTRA DAY you delay seeing a patient for the report of findings, after their initial exam, you decrease your chances of converting them into long term care by up to 15-20%.


I dare you to go look at the following statistic… 

  • How many clients actually converted into long term care after having a two week gap between their initial consult and ROF?

I will be very surprised it its above 5%??



This will IMMEDIATELY increase conversions!

Set a goal as a team to get every ROF booked in within 48 hours of initial appointment…AND MEASURE IT! The measuring IS CRITICAL!

It may look something like this:

  • In the last 4 weeks 72% of all new patients had their ROF within 48 hours

Do this one thing, and you just watch your conversions get better 🙂

There are 11 other key “conversion metrics” that I will be covering in my upcoming webinar

Hope this is helpful!

P.P.S. It means the world to me to create value!

P.P.P.S. I’m giving some of my best stuff away for free on the live “conversion masterclass”webinar coming up… -> CLICK HERE TO REGISTER <-

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