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Maximising Results From Talks and Events

Why Talks?

Here’s the thing about talks… I’ve explored so many ways to generate leads in many different businesses but I’ll never forget what one of my greatest coaches and mentors said to me at a point in my career where I was starting to get a little blase.

I was starting to get good at online marketing and I wasn’t so sure that I believed this statement when he said it to me first, but I can’t tell you just how true it is. He said, “Of all the ways to generate leads, there is still nothing that can replace the power of live events.”

When you talk, you’re automatically perceived as the expert

I now know he was right. I don’t care how good we get at generating new patients online, there is nothing that replaces the power of a live event. Nothing. All the fancy online tools cannot ever replace the ability to generate the number of leads and the quality of leads from some type of talking environment in such a short period of time, provided you can find the opportunities to get in front of people.

It’s just about getting bums in seats if you can set up a talk… and I understand that’s a big fear for a lot of people.
There is still nothing on the planet that will beat the quality of lead and speed of lead from a live event. I mean, within 20 minutes you can stand in front of a thousand people and you can generate 500 leads. Here’s the thing, what do Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Russel Brunson have in common? If you don’t know who they are, check them out. They are some of the biggest names on the planet in the online marketing space.

One thing they all have in common is that they are the biggest online marketers on the planet and they all STILL speak regularly onstage around the world. They leverage the power of live events.

It still amazes me to this day that these guys are doing many millions of dollars online, yet they still get in a car, get on a plane, fly across the county, and stand up and talk for free.

There is still nothing on the planet that will beat the quality of lead and speed of lead from a live event.

I was in the room with Frank Kern live in San Diego, he’s one of my online marketing heroes. I think he’s making about a million a month online at the moment. He stands up and writes his speaker fee on the board. A big zero.

So why did he go there and stand up in front of 700 people when he can make more money lying in his bed? It’s a simple thing because there is still nothing that can beat the power of a live event. There’s no substitute for gathering people together.

When you talk, you’re automatically perceived as the expert and will naturally attract the clients that you want to work with. That’s the biggest point.

Types of Talks

There are three main types of talks:

  • Orientation classes, something you do regularly in your practice
  • You talking to a company similar to “Lunch and Learns”
  • Talk in the clinic for external attendees, people who come to you and who want to learn from you.

So, which of those is the best? That’s a little bit of a trick question.

As I’ve said before, successful people don’t think ‘either/ or’, they think ‘and’. There’s no best. They’re all relevant.

Going to talk in company environments is amazing, there’s so little resistance.

The advantage of number three is they literally come to you. How beautiful is that? You have 40 people or 20 people or 10 people rock up to your clinic. They come to you. You just finished your adjustments and they are waiting for you.

They’re all fantastic in their own right. So, you want to be thinking of these as three separate things.

You’ve got three different areas that you can leverage straight away and that’s how you get multiple quantum leaps in income.

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