I recently did an interview with a very successful entrepreneur and social media marketing consultant.

He blew me away when he stated something he had learnt while working with Tony Robbins. It was that a business owner should be spending AT LEAST 50% of their time involved in the marketing and the selling of your product or service.

50% – AT LEAST, he stressed.

While just about any “professional” service based businesses will fall off their chairs when they hear this statistic, because quite frankly, if you are working in the business, doing the “service” (adjusting), how could you possibly find the time to dedicate as much 50% of your time on marketing.

Here are my thoughts…

I am not suggesting that you quite literally drop everything and spend every second of every day just marketing the business, BUT what you should take from this message is that SOMEBODY in your business should be highly focused on this, if indeed it isn’t you.

At the very least if somebody in your practice isn’t spending 30 min a day on the very thing that provides the oxygen for your practice, then surely we are missing a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.