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Genius of The Week: Boyce Kinnison

Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

I come from a family of Chiropractors. My father is a chiropractor and so is my brother. I got my first adjustment when I was 3 hours old, and I’ve gotten adjusted pretty much every single week since then!
I knew there was something different with my situation because compared to my friends, I was never sick! I never missed any days of school. I always thought that that was interesting, and at the time I didn’t realise that not everyone’s dads were adjusting them. I always thought it was kind of normal. I realised it was perhaps my immune system that was adapting

I decided to become a chiropractor, and my brother and I started college together when I was 21, and we went through the whole process and graduated together in 2001.

I travelled to Europe with 6 of my friends and decided then, that I was going to live in Europe eventually. So 2 months after graduation I moved to Amsterdam and slept on a friend’s couch for a while. I passed my exams, became proficient enough in Dutch, and started working! I eventually moved to Barcelona in 2005, and I thought that the community of chiropractors was really dynamic there, and within a year of moving I was approached by the principal of the College of Chiropractic, and he asked me to have a meeting with him, which was exciting because he was a mentor. At the time I was setting up my own practice in Barcelona, so I started a project with the chiropractic school and at the same time opened up my own practice. I’ve been an active board member of the school since 2007 and was with them for 17 years. I still go around the world promoting the college and the practice.

In my free time, I spend time snowboarding, and motorcycles are also a passion of mine.

Why did you choose Ryan as a mentor? What’s the story there?

I’ve always had coaching and personal development in my mind. I attended my first one when I was 10 years old with my parents. The first time I heard Ryan speak, I connected with him, I think I’m the same way, I’m very dynamic, and once I got to know him I thought his values were very similar to mine. At the time I had had a motorcycle accident, so I was having trouble getting more patients. I had also opened up a 2nd office, and seeing that Ryan had multiple practices, well, that resonated with my style. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted someone who had been on the same journey that I wanted to go on.
I stopped working with Ryan for a bit, and last year things got a bit distracted, and I analysed that everything I had been doing stopped and I could see the lack of results from that, so I reassessed things, and I was drawn back to Ryan again. I like that he over-delivers on every aspect of his seminars and coaching, so I didn’t hesitate to call him back up. I called him back in Feb, and we have doubled the practice recently and have hired another secretary because we are growing so fast and need extra help. We hired new doctors too for the 2nd practice and that has slowly grown too. The marketing has put a boost of new patients in the office. It’s been going back to the basics and getting in new patients in the door.
I had the month of May be my very best month in a couple of years.

What has been your big AH HA Learning moment?

I‘ve had lots. I think something I knew before as well, but I’ve really realised that you need to be marketing at all levels. With the marketing, I stopped doing a lot of things, so over the last 3 years, I stopped doing the emails and the newsletters, and I saw the negative side of it. The biggest thing is that Ryan breaks things down for you, if the newsletter costs you x amount and the total patient value is y amount, do you do that? Of course, you do! It’s worth it even if it brings in one person a year. And even then it costs much less to do it. You have to have multiple coals bearing at the same time, even if you think it’s not working, long term you do see results from it. We started doing the weekly emails again recently, and we have been averaging 1 new reactivation a week from that. It shows that these people were perfectly happy with us, it’s just that their life got busy, but now that they are seeing my email again. It just continues reactivating people.

How would you say your business has changed since you met Ryan? What has been your biggest win?

Having a better grasp of analysing the health of my practice. I always took statistics, but Ryan teaches you how to do it to figure out the pulse of your practice, is it a patient problem or a retention problem? This has helped me to figure out where the holes are. Some coaches focus on your growth, when I coached with him, it was more business savvy and gave me tools on how to run a business.

So what’s next now for you and your practice?

Some big plans are coming up to evolve. When everything is running smoothly and great the business is fun, and I’m having fun right now. So the goal is to get the other practice busier. I have a number in my mind of where I want to be, figuring out if I want to hire another doc, and if I want to take a sabbatical next year. I want to continue to grow the practice and bring in another doc for sure.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Ryan?

I’ve sent quite a lot of people to Ryan, and I tell them if he doesn’t resonate your way that’s ok, he has tools and a system that works. His marketing team is phenomenal. They overdeliver. I had more new patients when I took on Ryan and even more since, so the only thing that changed was to take on his marketing. So I say, look it’s all Done For You! You just have to put it to work. They tell us how to do the events, they do the emails and newsletters for us and it all works. I’ve been implementing it again, and it has all changed. We have been serving more people since.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’m really happy coaching with Ryan, I enjoy coming to the seminars, it’s a great community to be a part of, and I’m happy to see the results in my office again.

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