Business Cards and Vouchers

The first thing I want to talk about is handing out vouchers and business cards. And I know you’re thinking, “Ryan, I don’t need you to tell me how to hand out vouchers and business cards. Are you kidding me?”

But let me ask you this. Are you handing out ten a day? Are you handing out ten a week? Not so old school is it? That’s the thing, most of the time our bankers are right under our nose.

If you hand out ten a week, that’s 500 a year. That’s why I like to measure how many vouchers are being handed out to the front desk, because when they say, “I’m handing them out,” I have to take their word for it.

Now I know how many vouchers are at the front desk. So, we can count them, we count how many we are delivering to the clinics.

So, if every single person in your clinic got a referral voucher or a special discount voucher for a loved one, you would get more referrals.

But 10 per week, 500 a year, people are going to take action of that. I’m telling you it’s going to be a high return on investment. I mean if you can hand out 10 per day, this is amazing but even just 10 per week.

So, my recommendation is that while you can have a special coupon at the front desk, don’t have a discount or special offer on the business card. They are separate things.

Look, for every client that gets offered a special, you want them to feel just that, you want them to feel special.

So, the best results I’ve seen with this stuff, including in other businesses I run, is when you take out a card and you meet somebody, say, “Listen, I want you to come in. I’m going to give you a card.”

You take it out and you write something on it. They don’t know what you’re writing. Say, “Listen, I’ve just written a discount on there, so make sure you show them this,” and you sign your name.

You make a big deal of it. Say, “When you come to the first desk, please make sure you show them this. I’ve signed my name, I’m the owner, so with this, they’ll give you a free appointment. All you have to do is pay for x-rays.”

You can make the offer whatever you decide. I recommend a free appointment.

You probably had a discussion about what’s going on, that’s what I’d recommend. But you want to do that specific action that makes them feel special.

You want to go, “Listen, I tell you want. I’m going to give you a card. When you come through, just make sure you show them this card because I’ve written you’ll get a special discount with this at the front desk. That’s yours. Come whenever you can.”

Now do you think that you’ll make a better impression than just handing them a card and saying, “Come in to see me?” A much bigger impression.

You want to make it look like it’s just for them. So physically write on it, sign your make on it, and then give it to them.

And also tell them what to do, “Phone, go to this clinic, walk in, go to the website,” whatever, tell them what to do.

There’s an old saying “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told me.”

So, you can’t tell them enough times what to do.

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