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Asking The Right Questions…?

In a practice there are only a handful of things that make you money.

SEEING CLIENTS and GETTING CLIENTS, honestly that’s just about it. So, you’ve got to be spending the majority of your time JUST DOING THAT (if you are practicing).

Now I know that there is a plethora of things to be focusing on like procedures, meetings, staff etc. but the ruthless discipline to, where possible, be doing as much revenue generating activity as possible, will go a long way towards getting you that 6 figures increase I always talk about! In my new business (RRIC) or any “information business” there are only two things I can do that are revenue generating.

Writing and talking…that’s it really. I mean yes, there’s all the tech stuff happening in the background, which my team help me with, but they know that if they keep me doing JUST THOSE TWO THINGS…we are not only going to reach our financial goals but most importantly create the most value for our clients…simple right?

It’s probably relevant to mention that each of you, are in some way also in the “information business” in some way shape or form.

This is another day’s discussion but I will let that percolate for a little while. To get back to my point, the self discipline to keep yourself on track is the first step. Secondly an often-overlooked step, is the courage to articulate to your team that a major part of their “job” is to in fact, keep you doing JUST the “getting clients” and “adjusting clients” part, which we know is revenue generating activity.

It’s funny, I think working with so many associates has highlighted this fact even more for me. As an associate you don’t have all the “admin stuff” to deal with. They don’t know it or realise it at the time, but never again in their lives will the risk to reward ratio ever be so overwhelmingly in their favor, meaning their rewards out-weigh their risk “profile”.

They only have two things to do…’show up’ to a marketing event a week (screening or talk etc) and “adjust”. Honestly that’s all it takes in my company to see over 100 a week. Some still won’t do even that, but that’s a rabbit hole I am not going to go down today.

The point is, even the shyest graduate that has only been practicing for 6 months will be on 100 a week if that is ALL THEY DO. GETTING AND ADJUSTING CLIENTS.

Tony Robbins says that the quality of your life will be determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself…SO let me ask you… Are you “mostly” involved in those two activities…GETTING CLIENTS AND ADJUSTING THEM? SUCCESS = GETTING CLIENTS AND ADJUSTING THEM…THAT’S IT!

Love and light,


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